The “Lady In Red” Dress

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit absent from the blogosphere of late and boy do I have lots to share. I have made a muslin for this Very Easy Vogue dress, completed view B of this McCall’s skirt from of my patterns from my McCalls/ Vogue splurge, complete the third of my patterns from my splurge and …. wait for it … wait for it …


Pretty exciting right? So, just because I’m like that, I’m gonna tell you about those four things in this order: 3, 4, 2, then 1, got it?

So here’s my Lady in Red Dress


I used Vogue 1250 by DKNY and double woven wool jersey to make this dress. I picked the fabric up from my favourite place – the remnants basket at Global Fabrics – for $25 – boom!


There was just enough to make this dress at 1.2 x 1.3 metres. I originally intended to make it in a dark colour, like favourite navy blue, but the only knit fabrics I could see were super thin cotton and looked more suited to t-shirts etc. I really wanted the material to be a bit thicker as I thought the knit fabric could be a bit unforgiving. So I ended up buying red fabric and making a replica of the dress on the front of the pattern! How naff …


The construction of this dress was incredibly simple, and this coming from the woman who finds it difficult to finish anything in less than two weeks. But I finished this dress in 2 hours – I know – SAY WHAT? Yes two hours. This was partly due to the fact that this pattern is only three pieces (front and lower back, upper back and neck facing) and partly because this dress is designed to be loose so I wasn’t too hung up on fitting issues.


As for construction, this dress only has shoulder darts which are pretty easy to put in. They’re kinda disguised by the cowl neckline but this photo is the best I could get of them. I can’t get over how simple this pattern was. There were no zippers, hooks and eyes, clips, hand stitching – just a very simple dress.

It was incredibly satisifying to whip up an entire dress on a Sunday afternoon

I highly recommend this pattern!

30 thoughts on “The “Lady In Red” Dress”

  1. You look so much better in this dress than the model on the pattern – it is incredibly flattering to you!! Great job! Isn’t it fun to make something simple sometimes?


    1. O my goodness yes, it was incredibly satisfying to whip something up so fast. Especially considering ive got a couple of tricky projects on the go 😦 and thank you for your kind words!


  2. I just said “wow, that’s stunning!” out loud on a crowded bus. You look fabulous in that dress! Interesting to see how it makes up in a more substantial knit. I have a couple versions in ITY knit (very slinky)..shows off every little bump…so I want to make a more robust version.


      1. ITY is a super slinky poly knit…Spotlight carries a lot of it….feels lovely and soft, but can be very sticky in hot weather…It also shows every bump….so either wear good bodyshaping underwear or make loose fitting items….or work out a lot….I tend to go for the first two option….;-)


    1. Yay for sergers! We should have a serger party to celebrate! Thank you that’s so nice to read your compliment 🙂 I suggest buying it! Sincerely the hardest part was putting the tailors tacks into such a larger piece of fabric lol


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