OOTD | Knowing My Style

One of the great things about learning to sew is that I’ve also learnt a lot about the kinds of clothes that I enjoy wearing and that suit my shape and personality. For example I feel much more comfortable wearing drapey dresses to work than skirts and tops which I feel frumpy and stout in. Today I wore my caramel Sydney with a hacked Renfrew merino cowl-neck dress (new, yet to be blogged). I know I’m banging on about the Sydney Jacket again but I adore the drama created by the shape. I feel a like million bucks whenever I wear mine. What outfit makes you feel like a million bucks? And what have you learnt about your style from sewing?

2 thoughts on “OOTD | Knowing My Style”

  1. You do have a point about sewing gives you a new understand to your clothes. LAst year I had this revelation that I don’t look like anyone else in my office, but that I’m totally OK with that. I love being creative with my clothes and am constantly trying to figure out how to dress like me.


  2. So true, Tereza, so true! I’ve learnt my style changes depending on the part of the country I’m living in, the kind of work I’m doing, and the season. How’s that for variety? Diffy to get my head round, frankly, but mighty nice when it all comes together.
    Your ensemble looks fantastic! Might have to check out that Sydney pattern for meself… 😉


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