Velvet Inspiration: Pattern Suggestions Please?

So I haven’t exactly finished my current velvet dress project but I’m already onto thinking about the next one. I saw this amazing dress in an etsy shop but unfortunately it is a touch too small in the waist (damn you 1950s sizing!) Also, I feel like I’ve seen a couple of sewing patterns for this type of dress and was wondering if anyone had any pattern suggestions to make this?

VELVET HOURGLASS Dress – 90s does 50s – Handmade – xs

But it got me thinking more about velvet and velveteen dresses and how they are both classy and super warm – which is important as we are heading into winter down here in the Southern Hemisphere. So here are some velvet dresses for inspiration.

Velvet A-Line Dress
ASOS Velvet Puff Sleeve Dress
Velvet Halter Dress – Looks Lovely in Plum Too
Little Velvet Dress – Red Dress

And my personal favourite – unfortunately no link *cries*

What ‘s your winter fashion fix?

35 thoughts on “Velvet Inspiration: Pattern Suggestions Please?”

  1. I realize this is coming waaay after you posted this question, but have you seen the Eva Dress site? I’ve gotten several patterns from her, and love them (particularly the Hepburn Jacket). They’re a bit pricey (although in the same price range as a lot of Vintage Vogue patterns), but have multiple sizes and heavy paper. Here’s the link:


  2. hey, check out Vogue 8788. It’s a Vogue Vintage pattern original 1954 design but the sizing is more “current” (meaning the 70’s commercial pattern sizing…) I’m actually working on this after finishing Colette macaron..


  3. I agree with everyone – the first one is divine. The color is just beautiful. I look forward to seeing your version!


  4. The 1st dress is my favorite. Love that color, too. I make all of my own patterns, but it’s hard for me to give advice unless I’ve been through the process of making it. Just make sure your velvet isn’t too thick if you are going to have gathers, otherwise it will be really hard to disperse them evenly.


  5. I saw that first dress too and fell in LOVE! Good luck with your version – I am going to try and draft my own, although the combination of gathers and a shaped waistline is pretty scary. Have you sewn with velvet before? It’ll be my first time!


  6. Velvet is such a rich and luxurious fabric that I think a simple and strong silhouette would set it off best!. Good luck with this exciting project! Shall look forward to see what you come up with!.. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)


  7. That last one is a great looking dress!
    As I’ve told you before, I’m a SUPER new sewer (haven’t yet completed my first project…tomorrow probably!), so unfortunately, i don’t have any suggestions for you. But I’m sure you’ll find something! 🙂


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