URGENT REQUEST: Button Hole Spacing



I’m currently sewing vogue 8772 (view E) but I’ve come to a road bloc as it seems I’ve lost a piece of my pattern! The piece is a guide to show the sew-er how far apart to space the buttons and button holes down the front of the blouse.

QUESTION: Is there a rule of thumb for spacing buttons on a blouse?

Please help, this is the first blouse I’ve made and I’m quite stuck! All suggestions appreciated

13 thoughts on “URGENT REQUEST: Button Hole Spacing”

  1. Really late to this but I have just finished the blouse Vogue 8772 and bizarrely the button guide enclosed with my pattern is for 6473 and does not fit the finished blouse at all. Shame on you Vogue! Like the others, I tend to do my own thing.


  2. You have received some excellent tips here on spacing buttonholes. Now the next question is: do you make your buttonholes vertical or horizontal to the front? (Most buttonholes are made vertical now, but many vintage patterns show them done horizontally. Horizontal placement helps with “gap-osis” over the bust, if that is a concern…)

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  3. I ususally mark first on the bust (as mentioned above) and then the second one on the waist line … the rest I try to arrange evently… success! BTW – the button rule is maybe handy when you don’t adjust a pattern – I always do so they are useless for me.


  4. Agree with the comments above – great advice. Blouses tend to have five or six buttons, but how many you need will depend on the length of the blouse. Just checked a few blouses I’ve made and the buttons are all about 8-9cm apart. Looking forward to seeing the result!


  5. I stopped using the button hole guides altogether. You don’t need them! There may be an official rule somewhere, but this is what I do:
    -Have one right at your bust line (or you may give a free show)
    -The top one should line up with the collar as you see on the line drawing
    -The button holes are usually all vertical, EXCEPT the top one, that’s usually horizontal
    -holes are about 3″ apart
    -improvise equal spacing between them with the bust line button and top button… but note that there is slightly less space between the top and 2nd button

    Maybe that helps? Look at a RTW one, too.


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