I have a confession to make. I accidently-on-purpose bought 11 patterns during the recent McCalls/ Vogue/ Butterick sale.

W O W I’m not making any apologies!


The thing is that in New Zealand patterns are – too put it mildly – horrendously expensive. To buy a normal vogue pattern, such as the one at the top of this post, would cost NZ$33. To put that in perspective, that’s US$27.36. A “Vogue Easy Options” pattern is NZ$25. Hugely expensive right? So when they were reduced to US$2.88 how could I resist?

To combat the cost of shipping I used a a service called ship2u to make the postage cheeper (McCalls was going to charger me $55!!) I’ll let you know how that turns out.


So when I saw the massive sale that the McCall’s company was having I had no choice but to buy at least a few…


I mean who doesn’t need a new work shirt ? ? ?


And a skirt to go with it . . .


Or maybe a second – I do work FOUR days a week you know!


And of course I needed some sensible trousers comme ca


Having another party dress never hurt anyone, right?


OR another one. . .


And it is e s s e n t i a l to have a loose summer dress/ top to throw over your togs at the beach in this harsh Antipodean sun


And getting into knit fabrics really was one of my sewing goals for the year – what better opportunity than now to achieve goals?


So I thought I’d buy another just to get some good practice in.

Reasonable enough right?? Or is sewing becoming an obsession? Am I loosing perspective?!

28 thoughts on “Confessions”

  1. Sounds like you were happy with the shipping service – I might give it a go. I’m in Australia nd Lincraft/Spotlight sometimes have $5 sales but the pattens can be sold out at your local store and they don’t have proper online ordering.


  2. Hi I was just wondering did you get the patterns through ship2u and how long did it take? I’m thinking on using them and just wanted some other buyers feedback first. Loved the patterns by the way. I hope that you have had lots of fun wearing the outfits.
    Kind regards


  3. I’ve been naughty too and my pattern stash has increased by 10 this week!!! Everytime I think ‘i will stop after this lot’… but I wish I had got the Vogue stretch dress with the cowl neckline. I love that – and I keep not buying it!!


  4. So true about the ridiculous prices of patterns over here! Gah, and we get the new releases ages after we see them online and guaranteed when they do have a sale at the shop they won’t have your size. I keep a list of my favourites and when BMV has a sale I splurge too, it’s the cheapest way, then even with the extravagant international postage it’s about $5 a pattern, sweet! So don’t feel guilty, pattern splurging is actually saving you money, hehe! I would love to hear more about this ship2u, keep us posted if it all works out 🙂


  5. Hi darling,
    First of all, congratulate you because you are so enthusiastic about your patterns. Secondly to share my experience buying patterns as they are in everywhere expensive. I hope it works for you. I have used the magazine Burda Fashion since 1990. Firstly I bought it Spanish, but after moving to England I got it in English. One issue costs in England £4.75 and it includes more than 50 patterns in about 5 sizes each. Some coats, jackets, dresses, trousers, blouses and skirts, plus accessories as bags, belts and children garments. I collect it since then and I think is the best investment in patterns I have ever made. There are 12 issues per year and for people like us who sew, is worth to pay an annual subscription. I do not know if you can get it in Australia, as Burda magazine is originally from Germany. In my opinion is worth to try. I hope you find it useful. Good luck!!


  6. You made excellent choices- not a dud in the bunch! I hope that shipping service is good, too. I bought fabric this weekend with the red Vogue Chaddo in mind- didn’t realize I didn’t own the pattern…sigh….


  7. Wow… Great pattern picks. I can vouch for your first skirt pick and the Vogue 1250 dress….both patterns are great and very flattering! Very interested in hearing how Ship2u works out…please let us know!


    1. Thanks! I hope I still like them when they arrive. Ship2u is a service for shipping online shopping to NZ. McCalls was going to charge me $55, but using ship2u it cost $32 total. It’s not very speedy though…


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