Party Peplum Top

Yay I’ve finished the first of my recent batch of patternsvogue 8815


I made it out of white silk with a tiny touch of cream and lined the bodice with generic lining fabric.

I was reading Green Apples yesterday and found that she has just finished this top too! I found myself agreeing with a lot of the points she made about the pattern. I, too, think the shoulders sit quite wide on me and the neckline is quite high. On top of this I have a bit of an aversion to bias binding. So, like her, I made several alterations to the pattern. Namely, that I added 1.5cms to the edges of the neckline and armholes for seam allowance to get me out of my bias bind.


My laisse-faire sewing technique, exhibit a.

Fully lining the bodice meant that I had to pretty much change the entire construction of the top. I used this technique.

I also, decided to use Karen’s technique of making a pleat instead of a dart in the lining at the shoulder and back of the bodice. I found this worked well for my sewing style/ level of concentration – try as I might I find it is a rare occasion that I manage to line up the darts on the lining and the fashion fabric! This was a good compromise for me!


And now I’m on to the next adventure – Woop!


15 thoughts on “Party Peplum Top”

  1. You dis a great job with this top! Plain white is so tricky to work with because you can see any imperfections and no pattern to hide anything in…well done. I must say I luuurrv peplums, they look so stylish and hide a mutlitude of sins. Look forward to seeing your skirt, I have been toying with the idea of a long-ish navy skirt for next winter. xx


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