Sew Bossy


This months Monthly Stitch challenge is trying out new patterns and fabric combinations AND you’re in charge. So I’ve put together three pattern and fabric combinations and YOU can vote on which one you’d like to see me make!

ONE: By Hand London‘s Georgia Dress in Black Silk Dupion


I’m so excited to make this pattern. I’ve seen so many amazing versions of this knock out dress and even if you don’t vote for this I’ll make one anyway!! Muwahahaha. The challenge with this pattern will be to get the cups to fit perfectly. I’m at the busty end of the boob spectrum and hate when things don’t fit properly. So it’ll be important for me to make a muslin first *groan*. But if I do it properly I can see this being my go-to dress. I’m equal amounts of excited and nervous.

TWO: DKNY for Vogue V1250 in Navy & White Printed Silk


This is kind of cheating. Ok it is cheating. I have made this dress before and I wear it heaps in winter. It was a pleasure to make and super fast with a serger. So what’s the challenge? That this time I’ll won’t be making it out of a knit fabric. Instead I’ll be making it out of a glorious printed slinky silk. This will take a lot of thought and strategising. And probably swearing.

THREE: Victory PatternsRoxanne in White Crepe


I’ve loved this pattern for a long time. I made a longish blouse in gingham last summer and I have worn it an immense amount. The challenging part of this combination is that the fabric will be slippery and the pleats in the collar and at the back will be a mission. But it will look great. And I know that I’ll wear it so much. And that makes me immensely happy.

So VOTE! One – Georgia Dress in black silk, Two – DKNY in navy and white silk print OR Three – Roxanne Blouse in white crepe. Comment to vote!


37 thoughts on “Sew Bossy”

  1. These are all awesome combinations. You’ll win whichever is chosen. I’m going with the Roxanne. I’m also busty and I’d love to see what this one looks like made up.

    Have fun,


  2. Georgia! I think you are going to love this pattern. I’m currently working on my 2nd version and I think it is such a versatile one.


  3. Georgia, Georgia, Georgia! I want to see how you deal with adjusting for your bustiness! I want to make this pattern up but as a maternity dress so also need to play around with fitting the cups


  4. Three perfect selections! Loving all the Georgia’s, adore Victory patterns, but my vote is the Vogue as making it in a woven is on my ‘to do’ list & you can be my guinea pig ;)p Gorgeous fabric, I can imagine how wonderously drapey it is!


  5. I’m voting for the Victory patterns one – it looks so cute, and I don’t think I’ve seen it made up before, so I’m rather curious! πŸ™‚


  6. Oh dear, decisions, decisions!! I love the silk print – but would dearly like to see the Victory Patterns top made up. It’s just the sort of thing Daughter No1 likes to wear, so it could be inspirational!


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