Peach Pleated Pants

I made another pair of Papercut Patterns’ Pleated Pants in peach!


As with my last pair these were a breeze to make. They came together easily and the loose design meant there were no fitting issues. I love the style of these shorts – fitted in the waist and hips and loose on the derier!


I also enjoyed sewing these shorts because it meant I got to practice one of my fledgling skills – inserting a fly zipper. (A fly zipper is like the one on your jeans.) Getting a fly zipper in is a many step process, but one with an immensely satisfying result. I think it looks very profesh!


The pleats *make* these shorts. They are a great detail that gives this pattern a bit of flare and shape. I will be making these again!


these shorts were made as part of the Monthly Stitch‘s February challenge – join us in March for the next challenge!

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