Georgia Dress Unlocked

Here is my LBD Georgia Edition


Here is the final product! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working on this number and it is finally finished. Unusually for me I did some pattern editing to get this dress to fit perfectly. From making my Hawaiian Georgia I knew that I’d need to make several changes to the real McCoy. I lengthened the bodice and straps, took the bodice in by about a centimetre on each side, and lengthened the hemline by about 10cm (this is one short dress!)


The pattern suggests using a fabric with a bit of stretch to help with fitting. This dress really does hug the figure! My first version of this was in a absolutely no stretch cotton and after making my muslin I decided I had to change to a fabric with stretch. Sorry guys (this dress was for the Monthly Stitch) but silk was not the best option anymore. Instead I used a wool blend from Nick’s Fabrics on Dominion Road. But I stuck with black like you insisted!


So would I make this dress again? Heck yes. There is something immensely satisfying about working on a pattern to make it fit you perfectly. Although I had to do a bit of pattern editing 1. this is totally normal and 2. I now have a go to pattern that is perfectly Penny sized.


Have you made the Georgia Dress? Did you make any adjustments?

33 thoughts on “Georgia Dress Unlocked”

  1. Oh my god, this looks AMAZING!!!! I would wear this pattern every day if I was you! These pics have definitely convinced me to give the Georgia a go


    1. Yes it is very short! I originally cut the short length (for my Hawaiian version) as I’m only 5’2 but once I hemmed it the dress barely covered by behind! So with this one I cut the longer length and then shortened it – so overall it got a lot longer πŸ™‚


  2. wow! That just left me a little bit speechless! You look just great. And no wonder you have to make pattern changes – everyone would love to have a figure like yours but very few have!
    I made a Georgia too, but the version with skinny straps, and mine is almost dowdyly long in comparison to yours πŸ™‚


  3. This is absolutely GORGEOUS on you! I love it! I had to convert the 10cm to inches until I could visualize how much you had to add – and wow that would have been a short dress! I love the solid black, but I can see this in lots of other colors – good going!


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