My Favourite New Dress

Boom! I made a new dress!


Ok I’ll be the first to admit that this dress is not the most exciting thing you’ve ever seen right? But I’m having a bit of a sewing trough at the moment so I needed something super simple and very wearable as a pick me up. This was the perfect solution. The dress consists of only one front piece, one back piece and back and front neck facings – easy as. And bonus no closures. Feeling like you’ve heard this before? Yes, my Laurel is the same story. I’m having an easy to sew, easy to wear phase.


On the envelope this is a totally 80s looking pattern, New Look 6974. Does anyone know how old this pattern is? I can’t find the date on the pattern… The shoulders are suitably wide and the pattern suggests should pads, which I decided against. I also decided to shorten the dress by about 15cm as I’m only 5’2″. The dress goes in quite a lot on the hips and butt (perhaps a tad too tight), creating an inverted triangle shape tres 80s, oui? The pattern also comes with a super box-y blazer. But unless I’m wearing over-sized earrings and tonnes of blush I don’t think this dress looks particularly 80s at all. It just looks like a regular shift dress/ LBD.


My favourite thing about this dress is the fabric. It is a sort of faux suede. Does this fabric have a special name? Perhaps that sounds like I’m wearing a full-on leather dress but it really isn’t! It’s a tight weave fabric that’s almost like satin on the inside and a bit rough on the right side. Anyhoo it’s quite warm for our current Southern Hemisphere winter.


I love how versatile this dress is. I’ve worn it out in the evening with heals and a chunky gold necklace and to my internship with tights and boots. And now I’m about to head out in the New Zealand storm wearing my Minoru. Here’s the post from when I made it last year.


It’s been such a pleasure to throw a dress together so quickly. At certain stages I really enjoy the challenge of fittings and adjusting patterns to make them perfect for my body, like I did the By Hand London’s Georgia dress (blog post here). Do you enjoy the simple sewing or strive for a challenge?

7 thoughts on “My Favourite New Dress”

  1. Sometimes life calls for instant gratification, and the quick to sew and easy to wear genre fills that space beautifully. The LBD didn’t become a wardrobe staple by accident – you really can wear it anywhere with the right styling, and this dress proves the point.


  2. I love this dress. It is very flattering and sophisticated…….sort of understated. And I get the whole ‘fitting’ thing. I love making clothes that don’t require an enormous amount of fitting. But………I have moved to easy fits for the wrong reasons ie overweight!!!!! So I am now addressing this and then am going to learn how to fit garments properly. I am an experienced sewist but have never really mastered fitting. Yes. I am moving into a ‘brush up on your technical skills, Jane’ phase!


  3. It looks great! I sway from complicated to simple, and I’d say simple and easy is what I want at the moment. Im feeling very tempted to make a dress now that Ive seen yours…
    And I agree! Put up a picture of the pattern you used 🙂


  4. Easy to sew and easy to wear makes for a great combination. I wish I was more exciting, alas, most days, I’m a grab and go gal. This sort of dress sounds great!


  5. Really great dress, saw the pattern on instagram and really liked the jacket too! I’ve been doing a lot of simple sewing recently, a brief interlude before I tackle my next Archer and the Bombshell swimsuit!


  6. Great dress. And you look great in it with that yellow fabulousness of a jacket!
    I love both a challenge and a simple sew, and often thats how it goes- an easy knit project after something a bit more.
    I think teaandrainbows has it right- your fabric sounds like peachskin. I have a few garments made in it and love them.


  7. I love it! It’s really simple and elegant. I wish you’d included a picture of the pattern envelope – I find it really delightful to look at hideous pattern drawings and see how they can become beautiful with the right fabric.

    The fabric you used – is it peachskin? I’m not really great with fabric types, I admit.


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