Planning: Buttons

In line with my new commitment to planning before beginning making a garment (a new years aspiration) I have decided to put more thought into smaller decision making too.

When I was putting the buttons on the first button down blouse I made I realised I would have no idea what with go with the gingham fabric I chose. So I did this:


I lined them all up on the garment.

How do you make important decisions?

11 thoughts on “Planning: Buttons”

  1. I’m very new to sewing planning so actually don’t quite know what I do. I do like the idea of button choosing like you do it. Looks cool and useful all at the same time lol.


  2. I try to get all the matching notions when I purchase my fabric *if* I know what pattern I’m going to use. I seriously spend most of my time in a fabric store in front of the buttons, agonizing over which ones match/work best. They seem like a small detail, but good buttons can really make the garment, and bad buttons can really bring it down. Even so, I’ve ended up not using buttons specifically chosen for a certain project. Sometimes, in the end, they just don’t look right, despite planning. Oh buttons…. 🙂


  3. I do planning in a few stages. First I visualize and then sketch. After purchasing the fashion fabric I then look for trims or buttons if they’re being used. I carry swatches and see what is available that looks the best. This helps in the selection process because for me the variables are open to change. The finished product doesn’t always equal the initial idea faithfully. The thing is that if all the elements work, I’m happy.

    I love all the buttons you’ve got here.


  4. That’s a really good idea– it’s not enough to try just one button to see if the colors work together, the overall effect and proportional size are important too.


  5. I’m with you on this point. Buttons are soooo important; they can dress something up or down or change the feel of the garment. Just today I was studying button to use on a piece of black and white hounds tooth check, but in this case I decided to finish the garment before making a final decision, because i’m adding trim and want to make sure I get the final look I want.
    Always smart to have a plan. 🙂


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