Peplum Take Two


I made another Vogue 8815 top peplum top. I’ve made this pattern previously in a stiff white silk which made the peplum flare out. This time I was keen to try it in a drapier fabric to see how it looked.


This top took am embarrassingly long time to make. I generally sew several things concurrently and when I get stuck with something I move on to another garment. So in all this top probably took around 3 months to get from the cutting table to being wearable.


I made several changes to the pattern. The most obvious being that I decided to put capped sleeves on. I think with the high neckline on this top the sleeveless option looks strangely severe on me. I cut these sleeves using the piece from McCalls 6201. I also put an invisible zipper in. I know the fit isn’t perfect – the bodice should really be shortened by about half and inch and I perhaps should have done an FBA but they still seem quite scary …


I’m pretty pleased with how the bias binding went in to the neckline. It doesn’t look perfect from the outside but for me this is leaps and bounds better than previous attempts. I also did a rolled hem on my server for the first time. Definately the quickest way to finish!

I *heart* peplums – I think the shape is so flattering to the female figure. I think I’m ready to move on to a peplum dress or skirt – pattern suggestions please?


15 thoughts on “Peplum Take Two”

  1. FBAs are not scary! Okay, they’re a little intimidating at first, but they’re actually pretty easy once you figure it out. I did my first one a few months ago, and it was actually a piece of cake! Also, clothes are so much more comfortable if they fit right in the bust. I have a dress I made right out of the envelope, and it’s drafted for a B cup, so I can’t even wear it. They’re a bit of a pain to do for every single pattern, but it feel really good to have done at least one. Fit for Real People has helpful information on the subject.

    Your shirt is super pretty! I love the teeny tiny stripes, they’re like slightly nautical candy. I have never been sold on the peplum trend (mostly because I only ever wear full skirts, and a peplum with a full skirt is just silly), but other people do it so well, I may have to fold to societal pressure sometime.


  2. That is a very flattering, pretty top for you! Not everyone can wear cap sleeves–me for example, I look like a line-backer! But, I love the peplum; it is a great figure flatterer for most of us. Hmmm . . . might have to fit a peplum-something in the sewing queue!


    1. OOoh! Peplum jacket round be amazing. I’ve been looking at some winter coats recently and am planning it out. A jacket however would be a good stepping stone project though! Seeing as I’ve never made outerwear before lol


  3. I’m with you on the peplum love, soooo flattering. You’ve gotta do the By Hand London Charlotte skirt . I’ve got my material and it’s on the list. It would really look good on your shape. Can’t wait to see what’s next


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