What I Do: Practice My Buttonholes

I’d like to preface this post by saying that I’m no Pollyanna. I’ve only ever made one muslin before and it was so off putting that I still haven’t made the actual dress. However, button holes are one of the few things I do actually practice.

I find inserting fasteners (zippers, buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes etc) to be the most difficult part of completing any piece of sewing. They often require hand sewing and they always require accuracy and a lot of time. Before I start sewing button holes I always practice them on a scrap of the same material that I’m using for the actual garment. For example when I was making my Vintagey Blouse I practiced stitching the button holes many, many times.


And lucky I did because the first fifteen were all awful. Do you practice before you sew?

Don’t forget: if you’re in Auckland in the weekend of 27-28 April were having a Sewing Meet Up. There’s already a great group of people interested in this inaugural event – are you? Let me know!


Planning: Buttons

In line with my new commitment to planning before beginning making a garment (a new years aspiration) I have decided to put more thought into smaller decision making too.

When I was putting the buttons on the first button down blouse I made I realised I would have no idea what with go with the gingham fabric I chose. So I did this:


I lined them all up on the garment.

How do you make important decisions?