Vintagey Blouse

I’ve finally finished my vintage style blouse.


I made it using a vintage pattern I found at a shop in St Kevin’s Arcade on K Road. This pattern was more vintage than most of what I would describe as vintage. Its the type that comes before printed patterns, the type that only has holes to indicate where the notches, darts and button holes should go. It was kinda intimidating but it did make it easier for doing my tailor’s tacks.


I chose to make View 2 out of a polyester crepe de chine from Global Fabrics (have you seen their new winter fabrics – be still my beating heart!) I thought that this fabric had great blouse potential as its so lovely and drape-y. It’s just lovely to wear too, it’s very light and cool.


The blouse closes by buttoning up at the back. Although I picked very plain buttons I like the simple look they create. I spent the better part of the morning looking at buttons for this blouse as I had my heart set on something Mother of Pearl looking but the only ones I could find were shank buttons but that would that would drive me insane!


I chose not to put the facings in partly because I abhor facings and partly because this fabric is a tad sheer and I thought it might look odd to see the line where they ended. Instead I finished the neckline using store bought bias seam binding. I finished the sleeves with bias binding too (which is why they flare up a little) but this was actually advised – do I get points for following the instructions?


Recognise that skirt? That’s my Ginger by Colette Patterns.

PSA: Will you be in Auckland the weekend of 27 – 27 April? Do you love to sew? Come to the inaugural meet up! All welcome!


Planning: Buttons

In line with my new commitment to planning before beginning making a garment (a new years aspiration) I have decided to put more thought into smaller decision making too.

When I was putting the buttons on the first button down blouse I made I realised I would have no idea what with go with the gingham fabric I chose. So I did this:


I lined them all up on the garment.

How do you make important decisions?

Colette Jasmine – LOVING IT



The Jasmine pattern is a loose fitting blouse-y top with a faux tie collar. I thought this top was a tad costume-y when I first saw it and wondered if it would be easy to wear on a day to day basis. FEARS AVERTED. What was I worrying about? Now that I’ve finished this top now I think it’s casual and feminine.


I found the sleeves on the on the Jasmine to be quite a lot of work. They’re made from three pieces (sleeve, cuff and the cuff facing) which all need to be trimmed and pressed after being sewn together. But the look created is highly satisfying so it was worth it!

Will not apologise for the crinkles on the back. Yes I have been wearing this top all day because I love it.

I made this top out of a silk cotton, which in case, like me, you hadn’t previously heard of this, it is a blend of silk and cotton. It is a very lightweight fabric that is actually see though when held up to the light. I was a tad worried that this top would be translucent but that fear appears to be unfounded.


Will I be making this pattern again? Hells yes! This version is a size 4 straight of the envelope. I think if when I do I’ll add about an inch or two to the length. I think it looks alright in these pictures but when I sit down it finishes just above my jean’s waistband. I may shorten the sleeves a touch and perhaps make the view A sleeves (gathered at the shoulder) instead but keep the view b collar.


This is the first Colette pattern that I’ve sewn. I’m looking forward to making the next one!

Vogue 8872: My First Blouse!

After a brief fret about button hole spacing I have completed my very blouse! This is Vogue Easy Options 8772:


I made view E which is sleeveless and is a longer than the other versions. In spite of this I took out a whopping *16* cm from the waist (lengthen or shorten here line). This would definitely be a dress if I had left it as the pattern suggested.


I decided to cut a 14 for this pattern as I have an absolute and deeply held loathing of blouses that are too tight in the bust. (This surely stems from high school when our uniforms consisted of blouses that were slim fitting and had little allowance for any bust siriusly??) Despite this I took the blouse in by 1cm on either side beginning after the dart. I could have perhaps taken it in a little more now that I look at the photos…

20130109-173610.jpg It’s a hot and windy day in Auckland

The other alteration I made was that I found the bias tape for the arm holes was 2cm to long. Aside from that this top went together pretty easily. As I was the first time that I’d sewn anything with buttons or collars this was a test run for one of my New Years Aspirations: to make some blouses and shirt dresses. I think it went pretty well and there were no great debacles to be had, if anything there was a bit of hemming and hawing, but it was probably good as it meant that I slowed down and actually read the instructions!


Now I face the dilemma of making another blouse (really enjoyed it!) or making something from my Christmas present The Colette Sewing Handbook (really looking forward to getting into it!)