Blue Velvet Vintageness

A very long time ago I made this dress. Although I wrote a blog about it at the time I never posted photos of me wearing it. As I wore this dress to a 21st last Saturday night I thought I’d get some snaps with it on. Blogging about this dress has got me thinking – do you blog about everything you make? How do you choose which items make the cut?


This dress is made of deep navy velvet using a vintage McCall’s pattern. I bought it from etsy at least a couple of years ago and used it first for this dress, and later for Julia Bobbin’s Mad Men Sewalong last year. I chose it because I like the dramatic low back and I high neckline. I love this dress and have worn it a lot. It’s strange to me that it’s taken so long to get some photos of me wearing it! I blog extensively about the creation of it so perhaps I thought you readers must be over it by the time I finished!


Also this is how I did my hair, or more correctly, how I saw my hair with my ipad!


15 thoughts on “Blue Velvet Vintageness”

  1. This is so pretty. You can tell it’s the same dress as your mad men make but it has a different feel to it. Very chic. You’re ready to party! I usually end up blogging everything eventually but sometimes months after it was made. Nothing escapes the blog forever šŸ™‚


  2. Such a pretty dress, I loves it! But that is a very good question – what makes the cut to the blog. Well at the moment I blog about everything I make, even if it is a pattern I’ve made before – mostly I blog for my own future reference so note where I got the fabric and what adjustments I made and what my thoughts are if I made the pattern again. But blogging is onerous and takes time to ensure that it is well written and pictures are decent. I think I’m still finding my way with what to blog and what not to blog. This is a great question.


    1. Yes that’s a good point – using your blog as a design journal. I do that too but subconsciously. When I’m making a pattern again I think “now I know I changed this last time, I wonder if I mentioned it in the post?” And you’re right blogging can be time consuming, especially when I’m waiting for someone to take photos for me!


  3. Oh my this is so elegant on you and the back is stunning, wonderful work! I too do not blog everything I make, I tend to neglect the photo taking step and just move on to the next sewing project!


    1. Thank you šŸ™‚ Yes I know what you mean, sometimes it’s like taking photos and blogging becomes *part* of the sewing process and I am the same – always very keen to get on to the next garment


  4. What a fantastic pattern for dark blue navy – a perfect pairing. I mostly blog all my makes because I don’t record my sewing anywhere else, but these been a few boring track suit or pj pants that I haven’t bothered….


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