Blue Velvet Vintageness

A very long time ago I made this dress. Although I wrote a blog about it at the time I never posted photos of me wearing it. As I wore this dress to a 21st last Saturday night I thought I’d get some snaps with it on. Blogging about this dress has got me thinking – do you blog about everything you make? How do you choose which items make the cut?


This dress is made of deep navy velvet using a vintage McCall’s pattern. I bought it from etsy at least a couple of years ago and used it first for this dress, and later for Julia Bobbin’s Mad Men Sewalong last year. I chose it because I like the dramatic low back and I high neckline. I love this dress and have worn it a lot. It’s strange to me that it’s taken so long to get some photos of me wearing it! I blog extensively about the creation of it so perhaps I thought you readers must be over it by the time I finished!


Also this is how I did my hair, or more correctly, how I saw my hair with my ipad!