A Lovely Christmas Present


For Christmas I received an awesome present – The Colette Sewing Handbook. I’ve been interested in buying it for a long while but it’s such a dilemma with postage costs to New Zealand being the way they are.

I’m looking forward to sewing the patterns in the book (it comes with five) especially Truffle dress, perhaps in a mint green, and the blouse – I love me a floaty blouse.

But perhaps the thing that I’m most looking forward to is learning more about sewing. Since taking up sewing again this year I’ve had a lot of guessing to do. Which needle to use, what fabric to line with, is there a better way to do this…?. I mean google is a marvellous thing, but having all that information and the pretty pictures to go with, really is the next level.

So my question to you is Do you have any great resources/ sources of sewing knowledge?

12 thoughts on “A Lovely Christmas Present”

  1. I also got the Colette Sewing Handbook for Christmas and was so happy with it, my sister knows me so well!. I can’t wait to make up the patterns either, will look out for your versions too.


  2. I got a Threads magazine subscription for Christmas, and it’s absolutely wonderful. I also bought a copy of the 1970s Vogue Sewing Book from a used book store, and it has some invaluable (and sometimes interesting) information. It even tells you how to get different stains out of clothing. My last super-helpful resource is Fit for Real People, which is really great for fitting problems, of which I have several. I want to get the pants one too.

    I do have to second kricec on the Craftsy classes. I’m taking the Couture Dress class with Susan Khalje, and I just bought Jean-ius with Kenneth King, and both have taught me things about sewing that I’m not sure you can learn from a book. I would recommend both of them, but wait until they have a sale, because the full-priced classes are a little pricy. Also, when you buy your first one, you get a discount on the next one (at least that’s what happened when I got my first class), so don’t buy multiples at once. 🙂

    Happy New Year! I hope you have fun sewing up the Colette patterns!


  3. http://www.burdastyle.com is my online go-to solution. I’ve also learned a lot from reading Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing (http://www.blogforbettersewing.com/). For Christmas I got both the BurdaStyle books and Gertie Hirsch’s New Book for Better Sewing – I think the BurdaStyle Swing Handbook was excellent for inspiration for pattern alterations, and also features some of the sewing basics. The other two feature some of the same.
    Craftsy has some excellent online courses as well.

    Happy new sewing year, I look forward to see you take on the Collette patterns!


  4. My Vogue Sewing Book from 1970 (a Christmas present to me when I was in college. Yes, I’m actually that old!) is one fabulous resource. Also, Threads Magazine is a must-have subscription if you can get it.


  5. I got Sarah Veblen’s “Complete photo guide to perfect fitting” for Christmas… Requested it… It’s really an excellent resource as more elaborate fitting guidance seems to be the “gap” in most other books and online courses I have taken… I also received the Colette book, great sewing eye candy!


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