Darting Around

I am at dart sewing time. I learnt a really awesome trick not so long ago that helps finish darts off really nicely. I used to just sew back and forth to finish them off like a normal seam. Not a great outcome.

Here’s how to get a good clean finish.

Sew dart normally, once your stitching gets close to the tip of the dart stop using the foot pedal and start doing slow stitches, cranking the wheel by hand. Let the needle finish right on the last fibre of fabric before raising the foot and pulling the garment out.










Leave the lengths of thread long enough to tie into a knot. You can even attempt a reef knot if you are feeling fancy. Snip the ends and you’re ready to iron that sucker into shape!

IMG_2622 IMG_2625


The result: a beautiful dart with no lumps and bumps.

How does everyone else do their darts? It’s always good to learn these little tricks. It definitely makes the overall finish of the garment so much cleaner!

7 thoughts on “Darting Around”

  1. This is how I do my darts – I’ve been told it’s not such a big deal to back stitch at the end or that I should shorten the stitch length near the end…but I just keep doing them my way – if it ain’t broke… 😉


  2. Great tip! I also read one that suggested changing to a shorter stitch length as you get closer to the tip of the dart; if you did that, then finished off with the knot as you suggest, it might be even better!


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