Colette Jasmine – LOVING IT



The Jasmine pattern is a loose fitting blouse-y top with a faux tie collar. I thought this top was a tad costume-y when I first saw it and wondered if it would be easy to wear on a day to day basis. FEARS AVERTED. What was I worrying about? Now that I’ve finished this top now I think it’s casual and feminine.


I found the sleeves on the on the Jasmine to be quite a lot of work. They’re made from three pieces (sleeve, cuff and the cuff facing) which all need to be trimmed and pressed after being sewn together. But the look created is highly satisfying so it was worth it!

Will not apologise for the crinkles on the back. Yes I have been wearing this top all day because I love it.

I made this top out of a silk cotton, which in case, like me, you hadn’t previously heard of this, it is a blend of silk and cotton. It is a very lightweight fabric that is actually see though when held up to the light. I was a tad worried that this top would be translucent but that fear appears to be unfounded.


Will I be making this pattern again? Hells yes! This version is a size 4 straight of the envelope. I think if when I do I’ll add about an inch or two to the length. I think it looks alright in these pictures but when I sit down it finishes just above my jean’s waistband. I may shorten the sleeves a touch and perhaps make the view A sleeves (gathered at the shoulder) instead but keep the view b collar.


This is the first Colette pattern that I’ve sewn. I’m looking forward to making the next one!

36 thoughts on “Colette Jasmine – LOVING IT”

  1. This top has a very 1930s feeling to it. It has some of the 1930s style features such as the collar and tie and sleeves. There are good examples of this in “Dress Cutting” by Margaret Ralston. The style is very flattering on you.

    EmilyAnn Frances
    Josie’s Attic:


  2. I don’t think this pattern is my style, but it looks great on you! It looks a lot different in a darker color than in the light colors of the pattern photo. What color do you think you’d go for next time around?


    1. Thank you! Funnily enough I’m thinking of doing it in white! Perhaps I need to rethink this but I got some lovely white crepe on sale that I was considering using for the next one πŸ™‚


  3. For being a source of inspiration to me, I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award.
    If you have recently been nominated for this award OR if you’re not keen on participating in the process, please feel free to accept my appreciation of your talent and desire to point others in your direction. I think you’re FABULOUS! with no strings attached. πŸ™‚


  4. That looks beautiful on you!
    I don’t think that’s a top that I will try as I have broad shoulders and that is a shoulder-emphasizing style. But I do love Colette’s Juniper trousers. Have you made any of Colette’s trousers?


    1. No I haven’t- I’m yet to tackle trousers in general. I like the look of the junipers. I think because they’re loose they might be a good starting place for trousers novices like me!


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