WIP Wednesday

Just a quick note to say that my Minoru is coming along nicely. You can follow the progress on my my twitter or Instagram feed under the hashtag #minoru2013. In the meantime let me catch you up on my progress so far. (Disclaimer: I don’t usually do WIP updates but this is the first jacket I’ve made so let’s get amongst it.)

I cut my pattern. Hood needed to be cut on the bias as I had, typically, not bought enough fabric.


Put the zipper in the hood (was quite the drama due to accidentally buying stretchy fabric!!


Ripped out stitching and overlocking after realising that I’d done it wrong!


Pulled in the gathers on my shoulders and attached them to the body of the jacket


I sewed my plackets on


I put the front zipper in – unfortunately I could the closest zipper colour I could find was cream *sigh*


And I put the elastic in my cuffs


So now all I have to do is sew together and insert the lining! Woohoo I’m in the home straight! Have you made the Minoru Jacket before?

WIP Wednesday

I’ve been working on two things during the last week – my cape and my evening dress. Im the kind of person who finds it easier doing two things at once. If ones not working I’ll do the other in the meantime, otherwise I’d get too frustrated and possibly implode.

First up – I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finished my m6460 black lacy dress!


I’m still not sure I made the right decision with the lining however I’ll let you make up your own on that one… Photos to come.

My v8776 cape is also coming along nicely.


Its been a lot of work getting it together but I’ll be so proud when its done – my first coat! And luckily I’ve only had ONE broken needle so far:


How are your WIPs going?