Peplum Take Two


I made another Vogue 8815 top peplum top. I’ve made this pattern previously in a stiff white silk which made the peplum flare out. This time I was keen to try it in a drapier fabric to see how it looked.


This top took am embarrassingly long time to make. I generally sew several things concurrently and when I get stuck with something I move on to another garment. So in all this top probably took around 3 months to get from the cutting table to being wearable.


I made several changes to the pattern. The most obvious being that I decided to put capped sleeves on. I think with the high neckline on this top the sleeveless option looks strangely severe on me. I cut these sleeves using the piece from McCalls 6201. I also put an invisible zipper in. I know the fit isn’t perfect – the bodice should really be shortened by about half and inch and I perhaps should have done an FBA but they still seem quite scary …


I’m pretty pleased with how the bias binding went in to the neckline. It doesn’t look perfect from the outside but for me this is leaps and bounds better than previous attempts. I also did a rolled hem on my server for the first time. Definately the quickest way to finish!

I *heart* peplums – I think the shape is so flattering to the female figure. I think I’m ready to move on to a peplum dress or skirt – pattern suggestions please?

New Season Vogue Patterns – Fall 2012

The new vogue patterns are out! Without further ado here’s my two cents worth on what I would make and what I think of them:


I think this looks like a lot of work – recommended for “average” sewists – indeed


A nice loosing fitting jersey material dress. Looks comfortable and can be dressed up


THIS PHOTO IS HILARIOUS. I mean how can anyone call it ‘high fashion’!? Again, it looks comfortable but the economist in me thinks – is this a waste of material?? Also this only suits hour-glass figures (according to the style guide) I think this may be telling…


This is my favourite so far. I like the ‘mod’ style and the exposed zipper especially. I don’t know if I’d make it in different fabrics though…


ANOTHER jersey fabric dress. Is there a theme appearing?


LOVE THIS DRESS. I think of the whole collection this is my favourite. I know I already said that, but really this is. The shape, the bow, the neckline – it all works in my mind. I’ll be buying this one for sure.


When I first saw this I liked it, but upon reflection I think it was the houndstooth I liked!


Despite the fact that this coat is described as “very loosing fitting” I’m very drawn to it. I think I like the drama of the collar and the shoulders. Practicality?


Glad to see a cape pattern for this season. I think the right kind of person could pull this off, but not me. You need swagger to wear this.



This pattern is for the pants and shirt. Alas its a no and maybe/ no from me. Maybe/ no is for the shirt – I think this could work in a light cotton as a summer top. And hell no to the elasticated waistband pants!


This pattern is also for the top and skirt. I’m really undecided on this one. I quite like the top and skirt but I wonder if they look too OTT together? If I was in the corporate world then I guess it would be different.



Whilst I don’t think I’d make a suit for myself I’m totally sold on the blouse. I have been seeking out a pussy bow pattern for a while now so I’m glad to see vogue has answered my plea to the universe! I would follow suit (hilarious pun, I know) and also make it out of a silk or silk-like fabric.

So that’s what I think. What do you think of the new patterns??


Now that I’ve finished my velvet dress I’m thinking about the next thing I want to make. As we’re heading into winter in the Antipodes (the ends of the Earth) I was thinking of making the wool I bought in Wellington into a pencil skirt. So these are my pattern options:

From top left: Very Easy Vogue 7101 c.1987, view A (brown); New Look 6274c. 2003, view A (floral print); or Butterick 6662 c.1993, view C (yellow).

And here is the wool. It is woven out of thick strands (?) of cream, brown,and dark pink, almost fuchsia. Its a bit on the thick-side, and does not have any stretch. My first choice of pattern was the Very Easy Vogue, however I wonder if the pleats, belt loops and the pockets will make it look too bulk? So my next thought was the New Look pattern. This is a very simple two piece pattern (plus facings). It would be simple to put together and and definitely not bulky-making. The third option, the Butterick pattern was a bit of an after-thought. I thought that making it with the split to one side could make it a bit more interesting.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? All much appreciated!

Vogue 1102

This was my third dress this year. I thought I’d try something different and a bit more of a challenge. The first pattern I used was “very easy” and this was “easy”.

I found this on the vogue website and decided to give it a whirl:

Although it was a lot more material than the other dresses I’d made the sales assistant at Centrepoint Fabric thought it wouldn’t be too hard. So I decided to go for it.

The assistant was very helpful. She suggested I choose a wool crepe. This meant that unlike the model photo my dress turned out more flowy and less stiff. I really like the way that skirt and bodice turned out on my dress but was a little disappointed that the bow didn’t stand up as well as in the photo.

Here are some photos:

I really like the way that this dress turned out to have lots of shape as well as being really comfortable and loose-fitting.

And I think the bow is really cute:

On a side note I thought that if was going to take up sewing seriously then I should measure myself properly. I was surprised to realise that I was a 12 or 14 for bust and waist measurements. However I ended up taking in 2 cm on each side of the bodice waist, tapering off as I got to the arm hole and adjusting the skirt to side seams to match – so there! I wonder if anyone else has found vogue sizes to be quite ungenerous?