Georgia Goes To Hawaii

Here’s my first Georgia Dress by By Hand London. I made this in a light cotton blend with the adjustments mentioned here. And in case you were wondering, yes the adjustments worked.

Photo 22-03-14 5 50 02 pm

I made this dress as part of the Monthly Stitch‘s March Challenge. This month you readers got to tell me what to make and you picked the Georgia in black. Because this dress is so fitted I wanted to make a toile to test out the sizing. I sewed it up in a US 12 and I was pretty much bang on. I just did my version of a FBA and resewed the bodice et voila! On Friday I’ll post the final version.

Photo 22-03-14 5 51 16 pm

So why are these photos in monochrome? No I’m not trying to get arty! Lighting was a mare. Have you made the Georgia Dress yet?

Friday on the blog: the Georgia LBD