Vogue 8872: My First Blouse!

After a brief fret about button hole spacing I have completed my very blouse! This is Vogue Easy Options 8772:


I made view E which is sleeveless and is a longer than the other versions. In spite of this I took out a whopping *16* cm from the waist (lengthen or shorten here line). This would definitely be a dress if I had left it as the pattern suggested.


I decided to cut a 14 for this pattern as I have an absolute and deeply held loathing of blouses that are too tight in the bust. (This surely stems from high school when our uniforms consisted of blouses that were slim fitting and had little allowance for any bust siriusly??) Despite this I took the blouse in by 1cm on either side beginning after the dart. I could have perhaps taken it in a little more now that I look at the photos…

20130109-173610.jpg It’s a hot and windy day in Auckland

The other alteration I made was that I found the bias tape for the arm holes was 2cm to long. Aside from that this top went together pretty easily. As I was the first time that I’d sewn anything with buttons or collars this was a test run for one of my New Years Aspirations: to make some blouses and shirt dresses. I think it went pretty well and there were no great debacles to be had, if anything there was a bit of hemming and hawing, but it was probably good as it meant that I slowed down and actually read the instructions!


Now I face the dilemma of making another blouse (really enjoyed it!) or making something from my Christmas present The Colette Sewing Handbook (really looking forward to getting into it!)