New Look 6035 and Bias Seam Binding

I made a top.


You may have realised that this not me, this is my sister. I really like the shape of this pattern (New Look 6035) and the drape of the silk but I had to give it away because it was too small for me.


Up until a week ago, when I started this top, I had avoided bias seam binding like the plague. I had to do it a little while ago when I was making my bunting, but because that’s destined to be hung up and not inspected closely I didn’t mind if if wasn’t sewn very neat. So this was the first time I had sewn bias binding on clothes.


As you can see I couldn’t for the life of me get the binding to sit flat. However, as fate would have it I found this book at a book fair the next day:


In the book it says that binding should be pre-shaped:


So then the binding fits perfectly:


So that’s how you’re meant to do it! What an epiphany!

By the way … check out my french seams, they were also a first for me.


Have you had a sewing epiphany?

Vintage Pattern on Sunday

SIMPLICITY 5953 c. 1960


This pattern would look great in a block bold colour. From top clockwise: Cream silk dupion, plum sheer striped silk, green linen, blue linen, baby pink cotton lycra blend.


My favourite view-fabric combination is probably this purple silk (above) with view 2 (below).



And here’s all the pattern pieces carefully noted so you know what you’re getting yourself into