Pattern Runway 1302

A little while ago I posted about this dress. That’s because I thought I had finished it – How wrong I was!

Let me start by saying I did not make this project easy for myself.

I decided that I wanted to make this dress out of a sheer material. This meant that I would need to line my dress, (I bought some black sheer to do this with). My master plan was to simply cut two of everything, sew the matching pieces together and then sew the dress together as usual.

However I soon discovered that my carefully cut pieces were in fact mega crooked.

But I decided to plough on and sew the pieces together anyway as I figured the dress would be loose and probably wouldn’t matter too much.

I got the dress together and was doing the finishing touches and giving the hem a final press when the electricity shorted, the iron got really hot and burnt a hole in the skirt!

*Sigh* So I removed the elastic, unpicked the skirt, cut a new skirt, sewed the sides together, attached it at the waist, attached new elastic, hemmed it and pressed it again.

And finally it’s done!




With this pattern I found that the top is quite loose and the skirt to be quite tight (despite having the measurements for a size S). If I was to make this again I would definately add about 3-4 inches to the width of the skirt so make it loose fitting all round and less bunchy on the bum:


I added a hook and eye at the top of the neck instead of a button.

Overall: I think I made it a lot more difficult for myself by choosing a sheer fabric that needed lining. However once I make the adjustment of adding a couple of inches to the width of the skirt I’ll definately be making this skirt again.

My Inner Julia Child

As you may have realised in may last post I have chosen come more challenging fabrics this time around than in the past. I like to think I’m channeling Martha Stewart when I sew (though I would never liken myself to her demi-god status). However,  I’m probable more of a well if it works out that’s a bonus type when it comes to sewing. Which means Julia Child is who I’m actually channeling  – and that’s even better as far as I’m concerned.

She’s a feel the fear and do it anyway type. I like that in a person. Julia Child’s TV persona is truly endearing.

It seems to me that Julia Child never thought things needed to be perfect.

So when I attempt to sew velveteen (which I hear is slipperier that a bar of soap) and sheer fabric (of which I have read equally doomsday-ish reports – to quote – can get “swallowed into the machine”) I will be channeling Julia The Fearless, and they will call me Penny The Also Fearless.