What I Do: Weight Substitutes

A few weeks ago, when I was attempting to cut out my Papercut Patterns’ Pleated Pants pattern (completed!), I was faced with tricky situation. I was cutting through the pattern, made out of a heavier, more durable paper, as well as  two layers of denim. The paper and fabric were too thick to pin accurately so I used some glasses to weigh them down.


It worked quite well and I thought it looked quite pretty too! I’m currently making up another PatternRunway 1302 – the Easy Kimono Dress. I used the same ‘technique’ (could you call it that?) when cutting the fabric, even though I’m using a faille fabric this time. It’s just so much quicker than pinning!

20130619-122950.jpgHow do you work with heavier materials? Do you pin or weigh?