Puppy Love, Janome DC2050 Review


It’s official – I’m in love. I bought an amazing new Janome DC2050 in the weekend. She is fantastic. Montana Designs asked me if I could write a review. And I sure can! I’ve copied the format from Pattern Review seeing as they’re the formula on review writing. So here we go:


Approx price: NZ$499 was the actual price

I’ve had this machine for: four days

Recommended: yes I am infatuated

Features: these are all the features listed on the website. She does a stunning 49 different stitches (including buttonholes etc). That means this sewing machine goes backwards and does zigzag stitches too – pretty exciting when you compare it to my grandma’s sewing machine which I had been using until now! You can also sew button holes and shapes like flowers.

What I like about this machine: Everything. It has a function that threads the needle for you, there’s a needle up/ down function (way cooler than it sounds), I never seem to have to do anything with the tension, it’s easy to thread – to name a few. Also, this machine is computerised so it is really easy to use. AND it has this great function where you can moderate the speed at which you sew (using the play, fast forward buttons) for when you need to be precise (again very useful!)

Things i don’t like about this machine: some may call this puppy love but I can’t think of anything I don’t like about my sewing machine. It’s kinda like that Moldy Peaches song Anyone But You.

So now I need a name! Can you help me think of a name for my new machine? I’m thinking – something homely and sweet and old fashioned but sleek too. Got it?! The winner will receive this vintage pattern


Do you have a great name for your sewing machine?

Giveaway Winners AND NEW SEWING MACHINE!!!


I bought a brand new Janome DC2050 from Sewing Machine World in Onehunga. I was so excited when I got it home that I couldn’t wait to find the scissors so I (carefully) cut the box open with a knife.


Look at the JOY!!


And now she is set up in my sewing room:


I am over the moon with my lovely new sewing machine. I’m am so pleased with it that I have decided to finish my Simplicity 2145 with it.

In other news: Last week I posted a giveaway – these three lovely patterns – if you liked Dresses and Me’s facebook page


And the winner is … drum roll please … Stacy Sews and Schools. Congratulations Stacy!


My Lovely and I moved into a flat together in the weekend. In the garage there is a massive room that was used for storage/ junk.

When I got home on Monday he had cleared it all out, cleaned it up and set up my desk and sewing machine. I now have a sewing room!! He’s such a sweetie!

Will post photos tonight!

The Grasshopper

The other day I found out that the sewing machine that I use is affectionately named the “Grasshopper”. It was my maternal grandmother’s and is still in perfect working order. It only goes one way – no reverse, no zig-zag, no button holes and certainly no fancy embroidery mode.

For the whole of my mother’s childhood it sat in her bedroom which was always called Mother’s Sewing Room.

My grandmother died when I was eleven and I had never known her. When I told my grandad that I liked to sew he asked if I might like my grandmother’s sewing machine. He went to get it serviced and there was only one minor adjustment that needed to be made.

It is all made of metal and weighs a tonne. It is green like the army and that is exactly what it reminds me of. It looks like something straight out of Soviet Russia.

Here are some photos of The Grasshopper:



The box it came in…

Which doubles as an extension table

I’ve had it ever since and absolutely love it.