Dressed in Leather

IMG_2812 IMG_2813

I got given this dress a while ago. It’s a beautiful leather dress with tassels and a sort of scaly luminescent leather insert. I absolutely love it, however it didn’t quite fit right. A little too short for my liking, the straps needed to be altered and the lining was puckering funny at the back where it connected to the leather. Nothing  major, but just enough that it stopped me from wearing it. I think I put off fixing it for so long because I was a bit scared of sewing leather.

I have a wedding to go to so I have finally motivated myself to ‘make it work’. I got a leather needle for my sewing machine and put my head down.


Its a bit of a mashed job. The lining doesn’t quite make it. But the skirt is now a tad longer.


The finished product… A dress for the wedding.

Who else has that perfect garment in their wardrobe they just haven’t renovated yet?

What Do You Buy?

I work for a charity. My boss and I are looking at setting up a social enterprise (a business that funds a good cause). This can be any sort of business – a second hand shop, a cafe, an on-line shop, it can really be anything.


So I’m interested to know – what do you buy? Does the fact that it’s a charity shop matter to you – would you spend more that usual if you knew it was? And do you do most of your shopping online or in shops? Afterall we could set up an online shop (which would presumably have less overheads so more profit.)

Any ideas you have would be superb! Thank You!