A Thoughtful Plan

Johnny-Come-Lately, Late to the Party… call me what you will but I’d like to announce that I’m finally – like every other woman and her sewing machine – on Pinterest. This was inspired by two main things. Firstly, I’m pretty sure everyone else in the entire first world has Pinterest (mostly it would seem to plan upcoming nuptials or to share pictures of tattoos).


And secondly, because I’ve been reading The Colette Sewing Handbook. Let me explain. Serai says that there are five important principles when sewing. At the top of the list she has A Thoughtful Plan. I have to say, I find this to be a very challenging concept. Normally I’m a bit slapdash. I buy patterns and fabrics that I like but don’t necessarily have a plan for them when they are bought. I don’t know whether I’ll make that fabric into a dress or a skirt and I like that dress pattern but I don’t know whether I’ll make it as a summer dress or an evening dress.

So the idea of having a thoughtful plan is a challenging one for me


I intend on using Pinterest to help me to actually plan the things that I sew. I’m going to set up my boards so that they are each of something that I’d like to make – particularly the big projects. For example I’ve *just* starting making a board for winter coat ideas. Last year I attempted to make a cape which may still be selvaged, but I can’t help thinking If I was a bit more organised it would have worked out better.

So the long and the short of that post was to say – watch this space – Coat 2013

Velvet Inspiration: Pattern Suggestions Please?

So I haven’t exactly finished my current velvet dress project but I’m already onto thinking about the next one. I saw this amazing dress in an etsy shop but unfortunately it is a touch too small in the waist (damn you 1950s sizing!) Also, I feel like I’ve seen a couple of sewing patterns for this type of dress and was wondering if anyone had any pattern suggestions to make this?

VELVET HOURGLASS Dress – 90s does 50s – Handmade – xs

But it got me thinking more about velvet and velveteen dresses and how they are both classy and super warm – which is important as we are heading into winter down here in the Southern Hemisphere. So here are some velvet dresses for inspiration.

Velvet A-Line Dress
ASOS Velvet Puff Sleeve Dress
Velvet Halter Dress – Looks Lovely in Plum Too
Little Velvet Dress – Red Dress

And my personal favourite – unfortunately no link *cries*

What ‘s your winter fashion fix?