The 48 Hour Dress: Easy Kimono

I made a dress in 48 hours! This is the Easy Kimono Dress by PatternRunway.

Kimono Dress

I have made this pattern before and made it a very easy dress very difficult for myself. This time I followed all the instructions and it went together very quickly and easily – funny how that happens! I made this dress out of a faille that I bought from Spotlight. I’m not often in Spotlight but I really wanted to get some flannel to make some Tofinos (yet to happen). I came across this fabric and thought it had a good drape : body ratio. It was $20/meter and I only needed one. Hello $20 dress!

Kimono Dress

I made this dress in a small and made only one adjustment. I added 2 centimeters onto the edge of the skirt piece. Last time I made this dress it sat a bit tight across my hips and I prefer a lose fitting skirt look with this pattern. In order to do this I used a long stitch around the top of the skirt piece and gathered it in a touch so that it would match the width of the top. I then sewed and overlocked them like normal and put the elastic in.

Kimono Dress

I thought about using a bias binding on the sleeves and neck instead of the facing pieces provided as I find facings to be quite fussy. In the end I went with the facings partly because I like the flared look of the sleeves and partly because I didn’t have any navy bias and it was raining so I didn’t want to go out – how slack is that?

Kimono Dress

I really like this pattern! It is so quick to put together and I would suggest it as a great pattern for beginner/ future sewing enthusiasts to learn on. There’s no fussy zippers and you don’t have to worry too much about fitting either due to the lose design. PatternRunway have just released three new PDF patterns on Etsy. I particularly like the Coffee Date Dress! So there is probably more PatternRunway sewing on the horizon…

Kimono Dress

Wondering what that green thing is? It’s a Pounamu necklace. Pounamu is a precious stone in NZ, similar to Jade. Have you sewn any PatternRunway dresses? Can you make me a recommendation?

Pattern Runway 1302

A little while ago I posted about this dress. That’s because I thought I had finished it – How wrong I was!

Let me start by saying I did not make this project easy for myself.

I decided that I wanted to make this dress out of a sheer material. This meant that I would need to line my dress, (I bought some black sheer to do this with). My master plan was to simply cut two of everything, sew the matching pieces together and then sew the dress together as usual.

However I soon discovered that my carefully cut pieces were in fact mega crooked.

But I decided to plough on and sew the pieces together anyway as I figured the dress would be loose and probably wouldn’t matter too much.

I got the dress together and was doing the finishing touches and giving the hem a final press when the electricity shorted, the iron got really hot and burnt a hole in the skirt!

*Sigh* So I removed the elastic, unpicked the skirt, cut a new skirt, sewed the sides together, attached it at the waist, attached new elastic, hemmed it and pressed it again.

And finally it’s done!




With this pattern I found that the top is quite loose and the skirt to be quite tight (despite having the measurements for a size S). If I was to make this again I would definately add about 3-4 inches to the width of the skirt so make it loose fitting all round and less bunchy on the bum:


I added a hook and eye at the top of the neck instead of a button.

Overall: I think I made it a lot more difficult for myself by choosing a sheer fabric that needed lining. However once I make the adjustment of adding a couple of inches to the width of the skirt I’ll definately be making this skirt again.