Will This Work?


hi everyone! How’s your week going? Well I hope! Well in my corner of the world I’m sewing a Georgia Dress for the Monthly Stitch’s March theme – Miss Bossy Pants. And you may have noticed that I posted the photo above on my Instagram earlier this week. I had a lot of compliments on my fabric choice and a lot of people who couldn’t believe I’d make a muslin out of such great fabric. The truth is that I bought it for $1.50 at The Vintage Store in Papatoetoe.┬áSo this was my practice and if you look closely you can see its not quite right. The cups finish a bit too high (see the arrows?) I need them to sit about 3cm lower but I don’t want to go up a size as I like the way the rest of the dress looks as well as the fit.

Solution? Some pattern editing. By Hand London HQ has some great posts on how to adjust the Georgia Dress for a full bust adjustment and a small bust adjustment. Because there are several pieces in the bodice of this dress the adjustments are a bit different to your normal FBA/ SBA. But I just want to add 3cm to the middle of my pattern pieces and move the whole thing down.


So how do I adjust my patterns? I go straight to the kitchen … For some lunch paper. I traced the three main bodice pieces, drew a line 1.5cm from the bottom (this is the seam allowance) and cut. I then taped the top half of the pattern to more lunch paper, measured a 3cm gap and taped the bottom section to the lunch paper. Et voila! New bodice pieces. But now this is the real question – Will this even work? This is not the suggested way to adjust the bodice. So tell me – is this a good strategy for making a bodice that will fit?