Peach Pleated Pants

I made another pair of Papercut Patterns’ Pleated Pants in peach!


As with my last pair these were a breeze to make. They came together easily and the loose design meant there were no fitting issues. I love the style of these shorts – fitted in the waist and hips and loose on the derier!


I also enjoyed sewing these shorts because it meant I got to practice one of my fledgling skills – inserting a fly zipper. (A fly zipper is like the one on your jeans.) Getting a fly zipper in is a many step process, but one with an immensely satisfying result. I think it looks very profesh!


The pleats *make* these shorts. They are a great detail that gives this pattern a bit of flare and shape. I will be making these again!


these shorts were made as part of the Monthly Stitch‘s February challenge – join us in March for the next challenge!

Pleated Pants by Papercut Patterns

I’m pleased to say that I’ve completed one of my New Years Aspirations – to sew some pants! AND I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out…

I made Papercut Patterns Pleated Pants (I love all that alliteration!). I made these out of the same bolt of denim as my Ginger skirt so these shorts are quite stiff, just like the skirt was when I first made it. Now after 7 or so washes the Ginger is pretty soft so I’m not worried about the stiff shape.

I’m also super pleased with how my fly zipper turned out. I hadn’t done one previously so I followed the instructions very carefully and went very slowly. I also spent a lot of time looking at a pair of my own RTW jeans while I was figuring out how all the pieces went together. I think I have a 3D brain when it comes to understanding sewing, instructions aren’t enough sometimes. I think the fly turned out pretty well! It’s always such a great feeling when you learn something new!

I made these shorts in a XS. The only adjustment I made was to shave 1cm off each side seam of the waistband, starting at the top of the waistband and tappering off about halfway down if that makes sense to you! I was so impressed with Katie, Papercut Patterns designer’s, customer service! She was so friendly and offered any assistance with the assemblage of my shorts.

I am definitely making this pattern again. Truth be told, this was actually a muslin, or as close to a muslin as I’m going to get (NB deeply held loathing of wasting fabric. Muslins included.) Next time I make these pants they will be trousers. Do I see work pants in a soft wool charcoal or hipster ankle-length trousers in murky mustard-y colour on the horizon? Hard to tell as I majored in Sociology, not sooth-seeing sadly.

Sidenote: there have been some posts about sizing issues with this pattern. I was in email contact with Katie from the moment I mentioned I was keen to make this pattern. She simply told me to make them a size smaller than the sizing chart said and to take 1cm off each side of the waistband. I’m not one for making muslins so i followed her instructions and they turned out great for me!

Second Sidenote: these photos were taken in the middle of our New Zealand winter. It was colder than it looks. But really not all that cold. Be jealous Northern Hemisperians!



After getting off to a flying start with Me Made May I have to admit that I’ve FAILED (it got a bit obvious when I didn’t post any photos to Instragram yesterday…) I know I shouldn’t feel too bad about it but I do feel a bit bummed. The truth is that I couldn’t bring myself to wear another work skirt. I really wanted to wear pants. Which is kinda strange because I’m quite a skirt and dresses kind of person. Solution: Papercut Patterns’ Pleated Pants that’s a whole lot of alliteration!


This will be my first pair of pants EVER.

I think there’s a second glaring whole in my wardrobe – casual-ish wear. Like dresses that I can wear to work and then out that night and not have to go home and change in between – know what I mean? So I immediately had a look at my patterns and found two that I thought fit the bill – Vogue 1338 and Very Easy Vogue 8742 (now out of print) and cut them both last night. I don’t know what came over me but it must have been desperate because I usually take forever to cut out a pattern!


I even started sewing one of them. Gathers look so pretty.


Next up – some delicious merino Renfrews and maybe even a Hollyburn. I never know where my mind will take me next!