After getting off to a flying start with Me Made May I have to admit that I’ve FAILED (it got a bit obvious when I didn’t post any photos to Instragram yesterday…) I know I shouldn’t feel too bad about it but I do feel a bit bummed. The truth is that I couldn’t bring myself to wear another work skirt. I really wanted to wear pants. Which is kinda strange because I’m quite a skirt and dresses kind of person. Solution: Papercut Patterns’ Pleated Pants that’s a whole lot of alliteration!


This will be my first pair of pants EVER.

I think there’s a second glaring whole in my wardrobe – casual-ish wear. Like dresses that I can wear to work and then out that night and not have to go home and change in between – know what I mean? So I immediately had a look at my patterns and found two that I thought fit the bill – Vogue 1338 and Very Easy Vogue 8742 (now out of print) and cut them both last night. I don’t know what came over me but it must have been desperate because I usually take forever to cut out a pattern!


I even started sewing one of them. Gathers look so pretty.


Next up – some delicious merino Renfrews and maybe even a Hollyburn. I never know where my mind will take me next!