A reminder to always mark the notches – my Davie dress

I made a Davie dress last week and I’ve already worn it three times… I think I might be in love.  


The dress is very easy to put together and would have been even quicker for me if I had just marked my notches. I was racing along very happily and my hems weren’t quite matching up. This isn’t too weird for me. I usually need to take a couple of centimetres off the bottom of my dresses so I can be a bit carefree when cutting the pattern pieces at the hem. So I sewed the next front and side front pieces together. Except this time they were even more off than the first side. Something was afoot. I unpicked the pieces and got my pattern out again. I had stitched my pieces in such a crazy way with my centre front backwards ūüė£. What a goose. I recovered quickly and raced to try it on. I liked it from the first glance… But lesson learnt. 


I made this dress in a pont knit from The Fabric Store. I love that indie designers are getting on board this knit fabric trend! This dress is super comfy and very easy to wear. I made the size suggested for my figures but ended up taking it in 1cm on each side. I wanted this to be a fairly fitted dress… I know this isn’t the correct way of doing things but I didn’t have the heart to undo all my careful top stitching. 

I made my Davie dress all in one size, not adjusting for pear-shaped-ness of Sewaholic patterns, despite being me more of an hourglass figure. I really like the shape of the skirt so I don’t think I’d grade it down for my next Davie. 

  Question: Bizarrely my thread kept snapping as I was sewing – sewists: what am I doing wrong?! It was like the fibres in the thread were twisting the wrong way, unravelling itself and becoming very thin. This was super annoying especially when I was top stitching (and there is a lot of top stitching in this dress) Muy extra√Īo…

The Satisfaction of Simple Sewing


We’re nearing the end of the university semester. It’s that time of year when everything is due, dinner is usually toast and Friday nights are spent at the computer rooms. This is also a great time of year to embark on some Simple Sewing. Stress levels are already pretty high so procrasta-sewing needs to be easy and enjoyable. This week I’ve made two Renfrews (to join my other two Renfrews from 2013). The first is made from DKNY cotton knit that bizarrely stretches on a 90 degree angle, if you can imagine that. Because of this I folded the fabric in a triangle before I cut it. I know – weird! It has long sleeves and a round neck.


The second is made from white merino knit, has 3/4 sleeves and the grain was normal. The fabric is fairly sheer so I doubled it all up (apart from the waistband) and sewed the four layers all at once. I was also a bit short on fabric so I cut the back pieces separately, rather than on the fold and serged them together. I wear this Renfrew as a jumper mostly. Both fabrics were bought from The Fabric Store, way back when it was called Global Fabrics.


The Renfrew is my go-to pattern. It is simple, I can sew it using just my serger (which I did) and I know that I’ll get lots of wear out of it. Basically it’s all wins!

What is your favourite easy pattern?

What I Do: Weight Substitutes

A few weeks ago, when I was attempting to cut out my Papercut Patterns’ Pleated Pants¬†pattern¬†(completed!), I was faced with tricky situation. I was cutting through the pattern, made out of a heavier, more durable paper, as well as ¬†two layers of denim. The paper and fabric were too thick to pin accurately so I used some glasses to weigh them down.


It worked quite well and I thought it looked quite pretty too! I’m currently making up another PatternRunway 1302¬†– the Easy Kimono Dress. I used the same ‘technique’ (could you call it that?) when cutting the fabric, even though I’m using a faille fabric this time. It’s just so much quicker than pinning!

20130619-122950.jpgHow do you work with heavier materials? Do you pin or weigh?

Merino Cardi

I made a cardigan.

It’s McCalls 6408¬†(combination of view B and D)¬†made from 100% merino knit wool from Global Fabrics. There’s not a huge amount to say on this pattern except that it is super comfortable and I’ll definitely be making it again. I have worn it more than any other item I’ve made, probably because it’s incredibly versatile, comfortable and I think it’s pretty classy too. The truth is that I finished this cardi over a month ago and I’ve worn it (what feels like) every second day!

The only edit I made to this very easy pattern was that I had to take the sleeve width in by about an inch on either edge. These were really kimono width sleeves that kept creeping up my arm Рnot fulfilling their primary duty of keeping my wrist warm! And yes I am wearing my Lady in Red Dress РDOUBLE ME MADE BONUS!

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Me Made May ’13 Week II

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I had another great Me Made week wearing something Me Made every day! Woop! I’ve worn my amazingly versatile work skirt


My pink candy floss skirt, sorry it’s kinda a seedy photo…


My Jasmine by Colette Patterns


My PatternRunway dress. I decided that I really love the shape and drape of this dress and I will be making another, imagine it in wool crepe – *delicious*


AND today I’m wearing my Ginger by Colette Patterns – It’s such a great winter skirt!


How’s your Me Made going?