Finished the Hummingbird!


I have finished the Hummingbird skirt. Very pleased with the outcome. I got a little confused with the pockets at the start. But only as I had never come across them being done that way before. They are actually quite cleaver once I figured them out. They are constructed in a way that minimises that potential threat of VPL (in this instance – visible pocket line)

IMG_2658            IMG_2664


A great thing about the instructions that go along with this Cake pattern is that there is a link to a video on how the sew an invisible zip in. Admittedly I have always been scared of invisible zips. The rule in theatre is to never use them in costumes incase they get stuck backstage in the panic of getting ready to go on. But now I am going to bring this video up every time I pop a zip into one of my garments.


Cleanest zip insertion I have ever done!


Changed the pattern a bit. I lengthened the skirt and changed the pleat at the back.

What do you guys think? Anyone else scared of invisible zips?