Blue Dress: Finished!

Here’s a photo journey of the Blue Dress (here’s where we left off from):

I sewed the facings to the bodice:

I pinked the edges around the arm and neck holes:

I finished the side seams:

Shortened the straps by about 3 cms:


And slip stitched the facing down:

Bodice finished:

I folded and pressed 1cm, then folded and pressed an 8cm hem.

20120626-221521.jpgPinked some more:

20120626-221527.jpgSewed the hem down:

20120626-221532.jpgAnd then the dress was finished:



Blue Dress II

So… not a great deal of progress has been made since my last post about the blue dress I’m making for my sister’s birthday.


I have pinned the pieces to the linen and measures 1/4 inch around the side seams as I needed one inch added to the bust and waist.



Please excuse the hideous retro carpet in our flat.


I then pinned the pattern to the lining and added one inch around the edges. I was intending to finish the seams in the same way as Did You Make That? did here (such a smart way to finish). Unfortunately, I only remembered about this on the bodice front and clean forgot when I was cutting the pieces for the back! *cries*


Undeterred I ploughed on, basting the lining and the linen together using a long stitch:


Now to put the darts in and join at the sides

How’s your project going?

A Blue Dress

My sister’s birthday is coming up. The 26 June to be exact. I, perhaps foolishly, offered to make her something as a birthday gift. After looking through my small collection of patterns we settled on this one – Simplicity 6227 c.1965. I’m going to make view 2 (the silver one, bottom row).


We chose an electric blue linen. In fact, it is almost, but not quite, purple.


This is the most accurate depiction of the colour.


I’ve pre-washed the fabric and taken my sister’s measurements. Now I just need to get cutting and sewing. Wish me luck.