New Material

Recently I’ve bought a lot of new material. Some from Etsy, some from Global Fabrics and some from Nick’s Fabrics.

Here is the Etsy fabric that arrived today! All the way from the Nutley, New Jersey right to my door in little ole New Zealand.

This is a beautiful navy, turquoise and gold brocade fabric with birds, leaves and flowers embroidered on to it. I was thinking of making a cropped jacket or a fitted sleeveless dress in this fabric.

These are the other fabrics:

Tiny black and white houndstooth; sheer navy blue and cream; and navy velveteen. One day I’ll by something that isn’t navy I swear!

My plans for these fabrics are coming soon!


Ok this is slightly off topic for this blog but I was so excited about this that I wanted to share it with everyone out there in cyberspace.

Last week I was at a conference in a different city. Being the Interested In Shopping But Definitely Not a Shop-a-holic type I was (and there is no other way to describe it) but drawn, nay, pulled by an invisible magnetic field, to peruse the shops. After having a gander at the local Global Fabrics I wondered down the main drag and saw this beauty in the window of a semi-run down Op-Shop.

And before anyone gets stressed out about the fact that it’s fur – after much discussion with my colleagues at work – we came to the conclusion that it is Possum Fur. One of my colleague grew up on a dairy farm and is sure to be right with these things. Which in New Zealand means that we’re quite alright with wearing them as coats.

Here are some pictures of me in my new coat:

With the hood up it is so warm and snuggly.

Accidental sultry eyes.

I love winter and winter fashion. I can’t wait to wear this coat!

Editing the Pattern

This dress has not been at all easy to put together, that I’ll tell you for free.

One of the many problems that I encountered on the seemingly perpetual journey to completing it was that when it came time to attach the midriff to the skirt I could not, for love nor money, sweat nor tears, get the seams to match up on the two piece. After to much gesticulation I thought that perhaps it might be better to do it a different way to the instructions:



I wonder if anyone else has had the same problem with this pattern?

A Slight Etsy Obsession…

Recently I’ve discovered Etsy (I told you I was new to the sewing and blogging). At the risk of sounding exceptionally naive – I was so pleased with this website. It was like walking into Aladdin’s Cave. And I’ve become slightly obsessed.

I have many items on my favourites list – mostly dress patterns – but also coat patterns, vintage dresses (for inspiration), blouse patterns and copious amounts of material.

Here are the patterns I bought:

Clockwise from top left: PatternRunway 1302 (easy Kimono dress with elasticated waist); Simplicity 3599 (c.1960s, dress with Kimono sleeves, gathered waist, full skirt); Simplicity 6227 (sleeveless scoop-neck dress with over-skirt and/or over-top) and last but not least Vogue 2050 by Calvin Klein (strapless fitted dress with semi-fitted waist length jacket).

Immensely excited to start making these…. Having some issues with finishing Vogue 1102 (far too distressing to discuss at present, will come to that on a later post)

Cushy Cozy Goodness on the Go

I saw this on Make & Mingle’s blog. I love this idea!

Make & Mingle

Saw this for sale on an English website, unfortunately out of stock.  However, was thinking that it would be a really simple and easy sewing project.  You could even punch it up and make each pillow a different print. I would make flap openings on the back so you could remove the pillows for washing  It would be a great thing to have in the car for impromptu visits to the beach.

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Capes – Yay or Nay?

Recently i read a blog post by one of my favourite bloggers Erica Bunker. She posted a cape that she had made which was inspired by one Victoria Beckham had been seen in. So this is my question – capes, hot or not? (she looked totally gorgeous in hers FYI)

Here is the pattern for the one that Erica made. I particularly like the short version and that it’s in cream vogue 8776:


I’m less keen on the shape of this one but the collar might make it easier to wear maccalls 6446:


I could also make something like 1974 vintage pattern which combines the conventional collar shape and nice shape:


I’m having some difficulty winning people over to the idea so genuine opinion. Are capes gorgeous or past their time?

Vogue 1183

I saw this pattern and instantly liked it. It’s fitted, has a great shape and is a bit formal. At first I thought it could be a work dress but looking closer it has two layers in the bodice which overlap. So it could be a bit cleavage-y. Oh well I’ll make it and we’ll see.

Again the sales assistant at Centrepoint helped me to pick the fabric. Because this pattern has a lot of top stitching and edge stitching I again decided to go with a dark fabric (I’ll try to pick something more exciting next time!)