Mad Men Sewalong – Progress!

Over the Easter weekend I finally made some progress on the dress I’m making for Julia Bobin’s Mad Men Dress Challenge. Ages ago I let you know that I was going to attempt to recreate Betty Draper’s cocktail from the season 4 poster. I will be using this navy, teal and gold brocade that I … Continue reading Mad Men Sewalong – Progress!

Mad Men Sewalong

DID YOU SEE THAT JULIA BOBBIN IS HAVING ANOTHER MAD MEN DRESS CHALLENGE??? I’m sorry for yelling but this is pretty exciting! When Julia Bobbin had her first Mad Men Dress Challenge I was fairly new to this game (both sewing and blogging!) but now I’m up for the challenge! Julia has made some great … Continue reading Mad Men Sewalong

Mad Men Dress Challenge: Reflections

Last Friday I crawled across the finish line completing my Mad Men Dress on the day it was due in an episode that was quite reminiscent of my university days (I know Julia gave an extension but I was going on holiday on the same Friday – so no extension for Penny). I’ve posted a … Continue reading Mad Men Dress Challenge: Reflections

Mad Men Dress Challenge – C’est Fin

After the marathon effort that was my experience of the Mad Men Dress Challenge 2013 I have finally finished! I made a version of Betty Draper’s brocade dress and I used a vintage pattern too. I’ve posted a bit about the details previously. For now here are the photos. In the sprint to the finish … Continue reading Mad Men Dress Challenge – C’est Fin

I am Loving Sewvember

I have to say I just love being part of the sewing community in person and digitially. I love that someone can say “let’s all do this sewalong” and sewists just get into it! It’s awsome. In case you’re not on Instagram (which is totally where it’s at) Bimble and Pimple blogger Amanda has organised … Continue reading I am Loving Sewvember

Blue Velvet Vintageness

A very long time ago I made this dress. Although I wrote a blog about it at the time I never posted photos of me wearing it. As I wore this dress to a 21st last Saturday night I thought I’d get some snaps with it on. Blogging about this dress has got me thinking … Continue reading Blue Velvet Vintageness

Inside Sewaholic Patterns: an Interview with Tasia

Tasia is the designer and owner of phenomenally popular indie pattern brand Sewaholic Patterns. In 2010 she was laid off her job and instead of getting dispirited (like I would) she used the opportunity to start her own business – designing and printing patterns – for the modern seamstress. Her Cambie dress was a runaway … Continue reading Inside Sewaholic Patterns: an Interview with Tasia