Well this is awkward – I sewed something I’m never going to wear 

Have you ever made something and immediately thought “I’m probably never going to wear this”? This is how I feel about this dress. 

We all know I lost my sewing mojo a few months ago. So after my marvellous cushion covers I decided to crack on with a project that I had been thinking on for a long time. And although this idea had stuck in my mind for several months I hadn’t been able to bring myself to cut into the fabric. I should have trusted my instincts. 

I finished the dress in record time and rushed to try it on. My first thought was erghhh and my second was this is a very stuffy dress. I was pretty under-wowed with my creation. 

My biggest issue with this whole look is that I fell into the vintage-pattern-trap — an affliction that causes me to see all the potential of a vintage pattern without considering how how dated and therefore costume-like it might look in today’s context. In particular, I fell for the A line skirt and the high (almost) Nehru collar. The worst part is that I chose a psychedelic orange fabric with floral details that amplified the costume-i-ness. 

On the plus side I really enjoyed the process of sewing this dress. It was very quick to put together – something I put down to all the straight lines – the linen was very easy to work with and most of all. I’m back in the habit of seeing. Like all the time. At the moment I making a Davie dress. What’s your biggest sewing fail? Please share! 

15 thoughts on “Well this is awkward – I sewed something I’m never going to wear ”

  1. From the little glimpse it looks absolutely beautiful! One of my biggest disappointments was actually a liberty print dress, the print was lovely close up but from a distance was a very wishy washy yellow!


  2. My biggest fail was a fitted basic black sheath. The form was gorgeous body and curve accentuating. The short kimono sleeves were flattering and the back kickpleat was sophisticated. The thing was when I put it on I’d need a panty girdle to pull my tummy in and a padded bra for a little extra oomph. I dubbed the dress “My Italian Widow Dress” because with the addition of a gold bracelet and necklace I looked like the elderly Italian women I saw when I was a child back in the early 1960s.


  3. I have this pattern that I adore but for some reason I made it up in this weird cotton that completely washes me out and makes the skirt of the dress look really, really strange.. Oops! Could you perhaps salvage the dress by making a skirt or top out of it? I plan to turn the weird dress into a top.


  4. Show us! My ‘vision’ and completed garments are always so far off one another – even if I have done a good job with the sewing. I think I see things on models and forget that I can’t pull it off the way they do…


  5. Fail or not, I’m glad you’re back to sewing! I agree that vintage can look costume-y, and that’s coming from someone who collects and wears it. I hope you’re able to find a good home or use for the dress, though!


  6. Goodness, can’t even begin to list failures! That old thing about learning from one’s failures is still true, and you might yet come up with a better use for said linen. Meanwhile, wonderful that you’re back to sewing – the best thing! xx del


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