Saltspring Made in a Hurry

Hi lovely readers! It was a hot and windy day here in Auckland yesterday and guess what?! I finished a Saltspring dress by Sewaholic Patterns! I had to make it in a hurry because I really wanted to wear it to my friends’ engagement party. Luckily I finished just in time! (OK, we were a bit late…)


I made this dress out of a silk remnant I picked up at the mid-year sale at the Fabric Store, Newton. It’s a lovely slinky fabric that has a nice one-way stretch, shiny on one side, matte on the other. I love how the feel of this fabric and the style of the pattern work so well together. I reckon I could wear this dress for work with a bold coloured cropped blazer or casually with a denim jacket. I think it’s my new fave!


I made a few alterations to the pattern and construction of the dress. For starters, I shortened the bodice front and back so they were less “blousy”. We all know how I feel about that volume right? I also assembled the waist slightly differently to the suggested method. I simply attached the bodice and skirt, overlocked the edge, sewed the ends of the elastic together, marked it in quarters and stretched it out along the waistline. Much quicker than creating a channel for it, but perhaps not as pretty and neat! I also omitted the zipper from the centre back. I had read a tonne of your blogs saying that it wasn’t necessary and I trust you guys πŸ™‚ Oh, and I just made one shoulder strap and cut it in half for the straps.


I made this in a size 8 bodice / 4 skirt. I think the sizing is mostly fine. Only ‘mostly’ because I feel like the straps sit a bit wide on my shoulders. I think for my next Saltspring I will take some fabric out of the centre front and centre back bodice pieces to help move them in. The straps could also be shorter perhaps.


I had a wee bit of trouble with aligning the straps as I was zipping along joining the bodice to the lining. I think with the next Saltspring (I’ve said it twice so I’m going to have do do it now right?) I’ll be taking this a bit slower and doing it in stages so that I can check to see how I’m going.


Have you made a Saltspring dress? Share your link with me! I’d love to see yours and get some inspiration for my next one!

11 thoughts on “Saltspring Made in a Hurry”

  1. Look, would you just stop making such fabulous dresses. I’ve hadn’t looked twice at this dress until I saw your version now it’s on my wishlist. Darn it, I’m going to have to buy another pattern and probably some more fabric and I haven’t even started making up the last three patterns I bought off you πŸ™‚


  2. I love that your version is so chic-looking! I’ve kind of always viewed this as a casual dress, but I really like your take on it. I think the fit between sizes looks good; it’s a loose fit anyway, but I think you probably made a good call grading the skirt down to compensate for the way Sewaholic drafts. So jealous of that fabric find, too!!


  3. Your dress looks fabulous – I bet it feels like a knit fabric with that two way stretch fabric. This is on my list for this summer, probably in a short version like yours, but I’m interested to know why a size 8 bodice and a size 4 skirt – that’s like a hole two sizes smaller … does it give less fullness to the skirt?


    1. It was mainly because of the pear-shaped pattern. When I actually compared my sizing with the numbers on the envelope that was the best fit. Having said that the skirt is quite a loose fit so I’m not too sure it made to much difference to the over all look of the dress. Does it look a tad funny? with the different sizes? Genuinely curious!


      1. I think the amount of fullness in the skirt is perfect, it looks ‘flippy’ (for want of a better term) rather than being too full and looking frumpy. I wonder whether that’s why I like your version better than others I’ve seen, I like that your skirt doesn’t have too much fullness


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