I am Loving Sewvember

I have to say I just love being part of the sewing community in person and digitially. I love that someone can say “let’s all do this sewalong” and sewists just get into it! It’s awsome. In case you’re not on Instagram (which is totally where it’s at) Bimble and Pimple blogger Amanda has organised an online event called Sewvember using the hashtag #bpsewvember. There’s a theme for each day of September and you take a photo on that theme and share it.


So yesterday the theme was an Early Make – something that you sewed when you first got going as a seamstress. I shared the picture above, my wool crepe vogue dress. I made it in 2011 and despite having no finishing on the seams (I was very new to sewing) I have worn it heaps, including to a wedding at the beginning of this year, to a corporate ball and to my graduation.


One of the most interesting themes was Insides – the lining or finishing of a garment. I posted the photo above. It is the lining and facings of the navy brocade dress I made for Julia Bobbin’s Mad Men Sewalong in 2013. Navy on the outside, shocking pink on the inside!


Prior to that we shared photos on how we are inspired to sew. A bunch of people said Pinterest was what got them going, others said their surroundings like street fashion or the environment. For me it’s the fabric! Glorious fabric. I guess I kind of work backwards, finding fabrics that I love and working out what kind of garments they would look great as.

I *heart* the sewing community! Thanks for being awesome everyone!

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