Myrtle in Mauve Merino

I’ve just completed sewing my Myrtle dress by Colette patterns. As it turns hands on my waist is my default pose so bear with me here in these photos…


As we’re in the middle of winter here in New Zealand I decided to make my Myrtle in a soft, light and slightly sheer merino wool. It gets cold, but not that cold in Auckland. Like whenever it gets below double digits I’m surprised. I bought this fabric at Nick’s fabrics (did you see they’re in Otara now?) a few years ago and made it into my first Renfrew, seen here.

Sans belt

I made several alterations to this pattern and changed the construction around a little. First off I did not self-line my front bodice. The front bodice piece is like two front bodice pieces stuck together at the neckline. It’s intended to be folded with right sides together and stitched at the armholes for a nice tidy finish. However, with my fabric being slightly sheer I thought it could look strange. Plus I did not have enough fabric to self-line the whole garment.


Instead I kept about 15cm of the lining, finishing the edges with my overlocker. I then attached the front and back at the shoulders, basted the shell and lining together along the armhole and doubled the edge over to finish.


The other big change I made was to the waist. The pattern suggests using a thick elastic and encasing it using the bodice lining – that I did not have. Due to the lightness of my fabric I decided that a thick, heavy elastic wouldn’t be the right match. Instead, I used a 1cm thick black elastic and stretched it out along the join of the bodice to skirt.


So that’s me and Myrtle. Next week I’ll tackle the Yaletown dress (and blouse) but let’s be honest – I’ll be making the dress. I’m defs a dress kinda gal. Have you sewn the Myrtle yet?


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