Charlotte, Revisited

Long, long ago in a land far away I posted this photos to my Instagram


And I’ve finally finished my second Charlotte skirt! (Here’s my first one)


As you can see its a lovely black, red and yellow wool tartan. I inherited this fabric from a colleague at my old job’s mother-in-law along with a hand full of other wool tartans, lining for Africa and zippers of all colours and lengths.


This was one of my first forays into tartan fabrics and matching seams. I did a great job of matching the horizontal lines … but alas didn’t think it through completely and mismatched the vertical stripes. What a fail right?! However, I’m an accentuate the positive kinda person and this fabric was free so its all good.


Confession: I have had some issues with how to style with this skirt. Because it’s high-waisted and I’m a busty lass I’m really struggling! If I wear something tight I look ridiculous, and if I wear something loose it goes all billow-y and poofy. I’m thinking I need some cropped tops … All suggestions greatly appreciated! The top I’m wearing here has lots of layers so it sort of looks cropped.


There isn’t a great deal more to say about this skirt except that I love it and feel pretty hipster-chic when I wear it.


Also – Project Indie is still open! If you are a sewist about to launch your line of patterns email us and we will hook you up!

6 thoughts on “Charlotte, Revisited”

  1. Your skirt is gorgeous! I love how you’ve used the tartan fabric. For a cropped shirt try Named Patterns Kanerva Button Back Shirt, I just made myself one and it goes really well with my charlotte skirt 🙂


  2. Love this! I have been working on tartan recently too so I know how hard it is to match everything up… especially because our bodies aren’t exactly straight lines.


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