A Laurel, a Sale and a Chocolate Fish

Hello lovely sewists! I have been watching in awe as all the entries for the Monthly Stitch‘s competitions have rolled in. In case you’ve been living under a rock the Monthly Stitch have been hosting a month of competitions for Indie Pattern Month. Although this is the last week you still have four days to enter the last round – Indie Fan Girl – by submitting a post of of you wearing two patterns by the same designer. Also there are tonnes of prizes!


So… I made a dress! This is the Laurel by Colette. This pattern has been phenomenally popular despite it’s simplicity so I had to try it out. I was not disappointed. It only took me one night to put together (whilst binge watching Underage and Pregnant) and it required minimal adjustments.


I made this dress out of a thick double knit, synthetic/ wool blend by Kate Sylvester. The fabric is what ‘makes’ this dress for me. Because it’s a knit there’s enough stretch to avoid putting the zipper in the back as I can easily pull it over my head without it. But it’s pretty firm and essentially one-way stretch so it still has a bit of shape.


As you can see there are a few things that are not quite right about this dress. Namely the darts. They are too high on me. I had the same issue when I made the Bridgette dress (free pattern!) by Simple Sews. I need to get in the habit on doing FBAs and making muslins, however this dress is still an absolute staple. It’s such a simple style that I wore it with a blazer to work one day, and then with a leather jacket to a party that night.


In case you were wondering, I bought the brooch from the Salvation Army on Dominion Road and the hipster hat beongs to my sister. She is much cooler than me. So can anyone guess where I am? If you can comment below and I will send you a chocolate fish (for real!) Here’s a clue:


Also – as part of the Monthly Stitch‘s Indie Pattern Month I am offering 15% off all patterns in my store. This includes Sewaholic, Colette, Cake, Victory and By Hand London. Sale ends Monday 🙂


8 thoughts on “A Laurel, a Sale and a Chocolate Fish”

  1. Hi – yep Wintergardens at the Domain…. Dress looks lovely. I have made a couple of laurels and have found even without a stretch you can pretty much leave the zip out.


  2. Love the dress! I wish I could not get distracted and actually make more than just a jumper and a couple of skirts for myself each year. I always ‘plan’ on making something cool like this.. and then its another season, a different project going on!


  3. The first commenter beat me to it but it looks like you’re at the Wintergardens in the Domain! Beautiful fabric, love the colour!


  4. I think you are the Wintergarden too. The domain is one of the Auckland places I really miss now I am living in the Bay of Plenty. I hope you had a coffee from the kiosk while you were there 🙂


  5. I think you’re at the Wintergarden in the Auckland Domain, but I could be wrong! Love the dress, by the way – the fabric does indeed make it!


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