Pantone Colour of the Year

pantone colour 2014

It is 2014 and Pantone has declared, as it does every year, the Colour of the Year. This year’s it is Radiant Orchid. If I’m quite honest I’ve got to say this colour doesn’t do much for me – either when I think about clothes on me or for home interiors. I think I’m much more attracted to ‘strong’ colours, if I could call them that. I mean jewel tones and dramatic bold colours. Just me…?

What do you think?

Radiant Orchid Examples

Images courtesy of Pantone:

18 thoughts on “Pantone Colour of the Year”

  1. Hm. Well, there are some with the colouring to do justice to this, but not moi. Two thumbs down. Give me vivid Autumnal colours – YEAH! Jewel tones – YEAH!!
    Definitely not just you!


  2. I’m with you… I love bright colors too. Although it’s not my favorite color, I do like it. I’ve found that there are hundreds of people that do love this color, and now I have to add it to my fabric stash. 🙂


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