In 2014 I Will

I once went to a course on goal setting. The speaker told us that in order to achieve our goals we must start the sentence by saying “I will”. Apparently by stating that something is going to happen it is more likely to happen. So, what would I like to do this year?


Build a wardrobe – I flit and float between different garments without really working on building a wardrobe which means I end up buying clothes to fill the gaps and buying fabric anyway. I will find the gaps in my wardrobe and fill them with my own sewed clothes.

Blog more, blog smarter – I really enjoy blogging and being part of a community of likeminded people. In 2014 I will blog more.

Work with difficult fabrics – this will mean I’ll have to get to grips with working with difficult fabrics. Kristiann had some great tips which I will have another look at before beginning. I will be brave and work with light floaty fabrics.

Expand the pattern shop – I’ve really enjoyed running dresses & me and this year I’d love to see it grow. This year I will bring in three *big* indie companies.

Knit something interesting – I know I said this last year but I’d love to knit. In 2013 learnt to knit four purl four but to be honest I found this too super boring to make a whole scarf! In 2014 I will make a jumper.

Increase my lung capacity – I know this sounds a bit bizarre but I have asthma and end up in A&E almost every winter with horrendous asthma. It’s disempowering and expensive. I will to increase my lung capacity by swimming twice a week.

Learn to tailor trousers – I almost learnt to do this last year. I made a great pair of pleated shorts but the fit isn’t quite 100% right. In 2014 I will make this pattern again as tailored trousers.

Design a sewing pattern – no spoilers here but I have some ideas of patterns I’d like to release. I will design and release a pattern in 2014.

What are your re-sew-lutions?

9 thoughts on “In 2014 I Will”

  1. Woah, those are some pretty impressive goals! I wonder whether you would consider adding a small stock of notions to your pattern shop – I look locally for my supplies but end up having to order online from the States or Japan for the things I want. Looking forward to seeing your pattern development.


    1. I have thought about it but I always get stuck with the fact that these are generally specific to the project – like the colour needs to be exactly right or the weight of the interfacing etc. how could I get around that? And which notions specifically do you look for?? I’m always interested in growing the shop and getting feedback 🙂


      1. Hi Penny, I was thinking of resources such as japanese needles, large A1 waxed tracing paper, chain for weighting hems, super fine silk pins, silk thread, japanese basting thread, fusible stay tapes. I looked high and low for these things locally but with no luck. It looks like the suppliers that supply retail outlets just don’t offer this stuff. My most loved is the leather thimble which I’ve never seen in a shop, but I ordered online.


  2. I think you have great goals. I can relate to the “I will”-thing, at work we had a goal-setting seminar, and one important thing was to seperate goals and activities. Such as “make a knit top” isn’t a goal, but an activity in the goal “learn to work with knits”. I always have this in the back of my mind when working on goals.


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