Plough On or Give Up?

In my last post I showed you my Vogue 8776 cape – an item that I started nearly two years ago, and only finished in August.


The truth is that I hit a road block when I was sewing it. I felt it was far too big in the neck and shoulders. So I took it in along the should seams and shortened the collar accordingly. It was only when I tried it on again that I realised that I could no longer fasten it all the way up – it was too short to reach. Imagine a REALLY BIG Nehru collar. Facepalm.

So my question to you is – when you make massive mistakes do you plough on? Or throw in the towel?


7 thoughts on “Plough On or Give Up?”

  1. I must say that I plow through and attempt to refit the garment on the mannequin. If all else fails….I view it as a learning experience, and as someone else said the fabric can be reused in something else. You’ll figure out what to do šŸ™‚


  2. It depends on how much I liked and wanted the original item to begin with as to whether I persevere or ‘shelve’ for another time. But, I like the idea of changing it to match what you envisioned and dropping the original directions. This would probably get you to a amicable solution sooner than trying to decipher what went wrong and trying to fix it the ‘right’ way.


  3. Hmm. See what your mood consistently tells you.
    My best advice… sometimes I’ll go 1 way & sometimes another.
    Eventually something slips into place & the decision is obvious.
    Patience, and move on to another project!


  4. it depends on a few things – the price of the fabric (if expensive then i’ll try harder to fix), if i still love and want to wear the garment (if not it’s hard to find the enthusiasm to bother), if i can’t salvage something else out of the fabric i’ll keep trying. if i can fix it enough to be a wearable muslin i might do that.


  5. Don’t let it drag you down is what I say. If a project is gnawing at your sewing mojo, let it go. That cape pattern is really cool though so you could say this is a muslin and make another one.


  6. I vary. I have currently thrown in the towel on a blazer I started in May (I think?). If I find the patience I may finish it before next winter (stupid Burdastyle instructions!). Other times I power through. I think it depends on what garment it is. If I’m making it for an event, I’ll keep going but if not it just becomes an UFO.


  7. do you still like it? then keep going. If you don’t, frog it and use it to make something else. Don’t feel like you have to keep working it it if you don’t love it.


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