Nothing to do with Sewing

I’m ashamed to be writing one of those blog posts. You know the ones. “I’m the worst blogger ever lol!” … Not having written a post in SO LONG.

Just me at the winery in Santorini

Well we’re all friends here right?! So I’m sure you can forgive me and we can move on without too much self-flagellation. So what have I been up to? WELL! I’ve been having the time of my life (mostly). Gallivanting across Europe without too much in the way of responsibilities which has been pretty SWEET. Where have I been? Greece mostly. I’m quite the Classical Studies nerd so I spent three weeks absorbing the (party) culture and seeing the occasional historical site. Just kidding. Or am I?!

Just me riding a donkey up to the Acropolis at Lindos

I’ve just come back from week in Ireland mostly spent getting saturated. I went to Dublin, Galway and Cork and had a great time learning about the history. I even tried some Guinness. And before that I was having a ball in Edinburgh. I loved seeing the ruins of Holyrood Abbey – they were just stunning.

Just me at the Cliffs of Moher getting saturated

My sister and I visited a wee place called Hankelow in Cheshire where?? I hear you ask I know I’m thinking – but as my dad was born there it was nice to see some family history. [Side Note: my dad’s sister’s friend’s childhood penpal showed us around Hankelow and Chester – the kindness of strangers is truly heartwarming!]

Just my sister at my grandfather, Donald Arrowsmith’s farm “The Wems”

So what’s new with Dresses & Me? LOTS! All will be revealed soon but for now I’ll just say THANK YOU to all the people who have supported my new business. Thank you to all my great customers and all those who email me with suggestions and enquiries for how to expand. Its so great getting your feedback and I hope that I’m approachable enough that you could flick me an email if you have any enquiries!

Did you do an OE? Was it awesome fun?

8 thoughts on “Nothing to do with Sewing”

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a lovely holiday — I’m jealous!! This is the first post I’ve read in well over a month from anyone, so I’m glad to see it’s about some fun traveling! Glad to see you back on here šŸ™‚


  2. Oh looks like such fun! We are planning a trip to Europe next year to celebrate my partner Rich finishing his Masters degree – I can’t wait! We taught in Korea for our OE, it was a bit different to the whole Europe thing, but it was amazing. I would got back tomorrow if I could. Oh and I have got my By Hand London Pattern from you – I can’t wait to make my Anna dress. Looking forward to more posts!


  3. I’m loving watching your adventures on IG, it takes me back in time to when I gallivanted around the northern hemisphere. The one country I returned to was Turkey, once to travel and a second time to just hang out on the because a become a local for a few weeks. Can’t wait to see what you are getting up to next with Dresses & Me, you provide such a good service and speedy delivery šŸ™‚


  4. Wow! It sounds like you had quite the adventure! I LOVE Greece and I’ve always wanted to go to Santorini! Did you go to Akrotiri? (Can you tell I did Classics and archaeology at uni?!) And I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to the Cliffs of Moher! My husband is Irish and he’s promised me a trip one day…! Excited to hear about what’s new!


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