Winter Swap – Round Up

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to everybody that took part in the Inaugural Winter Swap of 2013. You guys are awesome! It looks like most people have received their parcels in the mail by now, here is the full list (if you want some greats sewing blogs to read here’s a great place to start). We had swappers from Scotland, America, Brazil, Aussie and of course New Zealand. I’ve really enjoyed organising the swap and it has again affirmed why I love sewing bloggers!

In closing I’d like to share mine parcel with you:


Sandra of Flossie FT sent me these two wonderful retro patterns – I love me a sleeveless blouse! And ALL THE MATERIAL!!! Sandra sent me four wonderful lengths of fabric. I absolutely cannot wait to sew up the navy and floral chiffons / crepe! A loose blouse? Or perhaps a flowing maxi skirt?

I wonder if I see an other interactive sewing experience on the horizon?

[Currently at Heathrow]


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