The Very Yellow Minoru

The other day I posted this selfie on my Instagram. I am SUPER PROUD of my Sewaholic Minoru. It is the first jacket I’ve ever made – moreover – the first sort of outerwear that I’ve completed full stop. So the fact that it is wearable is pretty amazing to me!


I asked my sister if she could take these photos in front of a garage for old times sake! This one is at my parents house… So shall we get onto this jacket?


I made my Minoru out of a heavy weight cotton. Yes it is as saffron yellow as it looks I the pictures and yes it does have a shine to it. I’m such a magpie. I originally bought this fabric to make an A-line dress but decided against it as the fabric was too heavy. It’s much better as a jacket right?

I cut my pattern as an 8 and graded down to a 4 at the hips as (we all know) Sewaholic Patterns are designed with pear shaped women in mind. My fabric was, in truth, a bit if a mare to sew with as it had a bit of a stretch to it. Holy heck it was hard to get that hood zipper in! If I was a smart person I would have interfaced around the zipper slash to prevent stretching. Alas, this only occurred to me much later. Also I’m a bit bummed that I couldn’t find an open end zipper in yellow. But you can’t get what the shops don’t have.

I’m not entirely convinced about how waterproof this jacket will be bit I’m sure it will serve as a great wind breaker! Here’s a wee close up of the front and collar:

I made a few mistakes with the construction order of my Minoru, particularly with the collar/ hood. This meant that I had to do a whole lot of hand stitching. However this was entirely my fault as I was very casual about following the instructions. I find that while I study the pictures very carefully, I often fail to read the words on the instruction sheets. Le sigh. I got there in the end!

[Currently in London]

37 thoughts on “The Very Yellow Minoru”

  1. That’s gorgeous! I actually really like the contrasting zip – it gives it a nautical look. Re waterproofing, if you get a spray on shoe protector like the ones from Overland they work just as well on fabric. Not sure about the washing aspect but on outerwear it isn’t so much of an issue anyway. I’ve used it on furniture, bags, jackets without any problem. Its also good on curtain if you have a damp house apparently!


  2. I was just browsing google images of the Minoru jacket (I’m in the middle of sewing my version) and just had to comment here. I had looked for a water-resistant yellow fabric but sadly didn’t find any suitable. I must say, your jacket is gorgeous! One of my favourite’s I’ve seen for sure! Very inspiring:) Yellow is such a fabulous, cheery colour!


  3. Wow, nicely done. I’m not that handy with a needle, but I’d love to give something like that a try, especially if I could make them for my girls.


  4. It looks fantastic! I love the Minoru pattern and have made two so far – my first was much better than my second (can you believe it!). I’m keen to see what you used for the lining to match the bold outer colour??


  5. Oh wow I love that amazing colour and you in it! I can’t wear it so love when other folk do. Kudos to you for making your first outerwear and jacket.

    PS I hope London is treating you well 🙂


  6. This is adorable! I have my fabric ready for this jacket, I just need to motivate myself to get started on it. Hopefully it will turn out as good as yours!


  7. It’s such a happy go-lucky color. I can imagine being so happy just wearing it. The construction looks great. No telling that you encountered a hiccup or two.

    Hope you’re enjoying London!


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